Pilot USA Helicopter To Dual GA Adapter PA-75

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Part# 11-10650
MFR Model# PA-75


Helicopter to General Aviation Headset Adapter: Converts U-174/u or U-93A plugs with U92A/U socket to M642/4-1(PJ-055) and M642/5-1(PJ-068)


I use this everyday for a clarity aloft headset that doesn’t need an impedance converter. Durable with high quality sound.

Chris R
January 14, 2021

This thing works great with my DC 10-26 headset I was given. It is much cheaper than a new headset too.

Travis H
July 21, 2018

Works great and shipping was quick, arrived in a few days.

April 6, 2017


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Q: Will this Helicopter to Dual GA plugs headset adapter fit standard airline two prong adapter?

Yes, this will convert a single U-174 helicopter style plug into a standard aviation twin prong headset.

Q: Will this adapter work to convert a Army helicopter helmet to GA use?

No. This is to convert a civilian U-174 plug to a dual ga headset style plug. For military helicopter headsets, which are low impedance, you will need adapter Part# 11-10645.

Q: I use two Bose headsets in my helicopter Airbus AS350, and I want to use them in my airplane. I think I should order this adapter Helicopter Pilot USA to dual GA?

If your helicopter was equipped with a standard GA helicopter U-174 input jack, then yes, this will convert your Bose A20 U-174 to dual GA commonly found in general aviation fixed wing planes. If your helicopter was equipped with the XLR-5 pin plug which is used in some Airbus applications, this will not work.

Q: What is the length of the PILOT USA HELICOPTER TO DUAL GA ADAPTER PA-75 cable?

Approx 17 inches.

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