Pilot USA iPhone / Smartphone Digital Audio Recording Adapter For Dual Plug GA Headset PA-80S/iPhone

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Part# 11-10531


Turn your Smartphone or Tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) into a Cockpit Voice Recorder! Just plug the 3.5 mm (4 conductor) plug into the headset jack on your Smartphone and your standard aviation headset into the adapter and you'll be able to record audio through your aviation headset. Your Smartphone will be able to record all transmissions through the Intercom systems including in-cabin and ATC transmissions. Great for CFI's and Students to review radio communication skills after the flight!
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Q: Does the PA-80S/iPhone with work with an iPad?

Yes, this will work for an iPad as well.

Q: If I were to have this plugged into my headset and iPad while I was recording video with my iPad, I could be able to hear ATC communications in the video correct?

Yes, this will record intercom and radio conversation will plugged into a dual plug GA headset.

Q: Is it possible to use this or similar adapter to record audio on tablet/smartphone and at the same time have the possibility to transmit sound from tablet/smartphone into the intercom system?

This recording adapter is for recording into your device. Since your tablet/smartphone only has one jack, it can only input or output depending on your adapter.

Q: Will The Pilot Usa Iphone/smartphone Digital Audio Recorder For Ga (dual Plug) Headsetwork with a blackberry phone?

The Pilot Usa Iphone/smartphone Digital Audio Recorder was designed for smart phones that use 3.5 mm plug. This can be used in the newer style blackberry phones but not the older ones.

Q: Does this adapter work with Android?

Yes, the Pilot USA recording adapter (11-10531) can plug into your android via the 3.5MM headphone jack.

Q: Can this adapter be used to hear foreflight announcements and audio checklists via my headset?

No, this adapter is for recording communications from the headset to an app on the phone. It does not transmit the other way, from phone to headset.

Q: Will this Pilot USA PA-80S work with iPhone 7 with the lightning to headphone jack adapter?

Yes, if you have the adapter to go from headphone to lightning.

Q: Will this also work with just a digital voice recorder? Or is it Smartphone only?

Yes, as long as the recorder has a 3.5mm input, it will work.

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