Cell Phone Adapter For GA Headsets - PA-86A

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Part# 11-03568
MFR Model# PA-86A


Amplified Cell/Satellite Phone Adapter for General Aviation (twin plugs): Allows use of cell phone with GA twin plug headset (Battery powered). Can be used to record outbound transmissions to phone. Does not send inbound ATC calls to the phone.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


The sound in m old trusty Bose headset was excellent, and making a phone call truly easy. Its a winner.

Robert T Verified Purchase


November 20, 2022

I bought this for its simplicity and compact size. After selling my LightSpeed Zulus I needed a way to use my cell phone in the cockpit. This works great for that as well as music while flying. Sound quality while playing music is not the same quality as the Zulus had but that is not because of this unit, Ive gone back to using my David Clarke while I wait for my Audio Technologies Halo set to arrive. I could not be more pleased with this set up especially at a cost under $100.

Eric O
June 29, 2017

Worked right out of the box. I like to call my wife as soon as I am back on the ground, so this will make it easy. Can also make and receive calls when warming up the engine. iPhone sounds very clear through Telex headset. Have only used it one time so I do not know how long the battery will last, but its just one 9-volt. Only issue so far is that the battery compartment is almost too small to fit it takes some fidgeting to get the battery inside or out.

Michael M
June 9, 2019

poor sound quality

Billie E Verified Purchase


September 2, 2021


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Q: Is it compatible with iPhone 4s?

Yes this cable will work with iPhone devices for communication through a dual plug general aviation headset.

Q: I want this to play through only the pilots headset, I don't want the whole plane to hear the music. Will this accommodate that?

This is designed only to work with the headset it is plugged in to so no one else will hear your music.

Q: If I use this to make a call will the people on the other end also be able to hear ATC? Or only my voice? Will others in the plane be able to listen to the conversation?

The cell phone adapter is designed to work only with the headset it is plugged into. People connected to the intercom will hear you talk, and ATC will only hear you if you press the PTT switch.

Q: I have a stereo intercom and headset. When the audio passes through this device while not using the phone, will the right and left stereo signal integrity remain separate while listening to music?

Per the manufacturer, as long as you have a stereo intercom and your headset is in stereo mode, yes.

Q: Is this unit compatible with the Ipad Air?

Per the manufacturer: The cell phone adapter part number 11-03568 comes with a 3.5mm plug which will fit into your Ipad air. Music and other audio entertainment will be played through your headset. If you intend on making phone calls from your Ipad it would depend on the internal wiring on the Ipad itself. The manufacturer can neither confirm nor deny if the phone call feature will work.

Q: If I am using this Cell Phone Adapter For GA Headsets (PA-86A) to listen to music or make a call, will it automatically mute if a transmission (radio call) is received or sent?

No, the music will not turn down with this device alone. If you used a Blulink, p/n 11-06553, the music will automatically mute when an ATC transmission comes through. As for the cell phone communication, it will not mute the person on the phone. The pilot will need to hang up the phone to talk to ATC.

Q: Can I use the PA-86A adapter for a phone call with Samsung S5 with the 3.5mm jack ? Or it is just to hear music from cell phone ?

Yes, phone calls are supported with this adapter.

Q: Seeing as how this unit is battery-powered it appears as though one could use the headset to talk on the phone even when not plugged into the plane. Am I correct?

Yes, you would be able to do this.

Q: Can I hear output like audio from being connected to an iPad while I am listening to ATC or is it only 1 at a time?

They will play at the same time. You would have to turn down/off the audio input to be able to hear and communicate with ATC.

Q: Can I record all the ATC in my cellular voice recorder with this adapter?

No, it only records outbound transmissions to the iPhone. Not received ATC calls.

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