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From $27.50 to $1027.00
Plug Number Plug Type Part #
Part #
Box of 12
Box of 12
UREM38E Massive Electrode 08-00046 08-00046-12 $27.50
URHM38E Massive Electrode 08-00047 08-00047-12 $27.50
UREM40E Massive Electrode 08-00048 08-00048-12 $27.50
URHM40E Massive Electrode 08-00049 08-00049-12 $27.50
URHB32E Massive Electrode 08-00245 08-00245-12 $27.50
UREB37E Massive Electrode 08-00246 08-00246-12 $27.50
URHB37E Massive Electrode 08-00247 08-00247-12 $27.50
UREM37BY Massive Electrode 08-00248 08-00248-12 $27.50
UREM37HE Massive Electrode 08-07714 N/A $30.50
URHB36S Fine Wire 08-01230 08-01230-12 $87.75
URHM38S Fine Wire 08-01232 08-01232-12 $85.75
UREB36S Fine Wire 08-01233 08-01233-12 $87.75
UREM38S Fine Wire 08-01234 08-01234-12 $87.75
URHB32S Fine Wire 08-07213 08-07213-12 $85.75
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Aviation Spark Plugs
With the most automated manufacturing processes and the most innovative spark plug in the aviation industry. Made in USA.

High Conductivity Copper
Core Center Electrode

copper, co-extruded inside a nickel alloy sleeve ensures outstanding heat and electrical conductivity while the nickel sleeve offers high resistance to corrosive combustion gases.

High Alumina Ceramic Insulator
high mechanical strength, superior dielectric properties, proprietary protective glaze, provides high performance to conquer severe operational conditions. "Clean Collar" massive electrode "V" tip focuses heat to reduce fouling and enhance heat range control.

Proprietary Glass Center Seal
21st century 'fired in' resistor replaces the multipart screw, spring, carbon pile stack up used in competitive plugs and known to suffer from resistance value instability that can cause misfires, wasted fuel, engine roughness.

Nickel Finish
environmentally preferable electrolytic nickel provides outstanding durable finish, superior corrosion protection, and extreme wear resistance.

Nickel Ground Electrodes
aviation grade nickel electrode design focuses on minimizing sparking voltage requirements while maintaining specification gaps to ensure large, stable 'flame kernels' for on-time ignition and complete combustion.

Vacuum Infused Center Electrode
proprietary, vacuum infusion process seals electrode/insulator gap providing stable heat range and superior center electrode cooling (heat flow to the insulator).

Hot-Lock Assembly
intense pressure and heat create positive, zero-leakage, shrunk in seal between insulator and shell to contain the hot, high pressure combustion cycle gases.

Harness Wire Contact
smooth, uninterrupted, oxide treated spring contact surface offers enhanced corrosion resistance, is chemically bonded to the fired-in resistor providing the ultimate harness/spark plug termination integrity and energy transfer.

Click here to find out what makes Tempest the supplier of choice for Continental Motors. (PDF)

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I like the quality and performance of the Tempest Spark Plugs best. My last set were the Tempest Massive Electrodes that I switched to from the Champion Brand because of radio noise which went away with the Tempest Plugs. My current set for my RV9A are the Tempest Fine Wire Plugs. They too are radio quiet and give great performance.

Dwight T
October 7, 2018

I replaced my defective Champion plugs with these, and they work great. Although I hear that Champion has fixed their resistor problems, their denial of a problem (and silence on their fix for it) have made me a Tempest fan!

Dan M
June 15, 2018

Great spark plug! I rarely have to replace these before they’re worn beyond spec. I highly recommend tempest spark plugs

Cordaro S
April 26, 2018

I replaced six lower plug on TIO 540. The plugs prior to replacement were new massive plugs, however it was prone to lead fouling after less than 10 hours of flight. I lean it aggressively but unforgiving lead has set plug #4 & #6 foul up. The fine wire in my belief is a must on larger lycoming or continental engine. Highly recommend the fine wire plugs, price is worth it. In my opinion it will pay for itself. I am a Tempest convert now.

Alexander L
March 25, 2018

There are 12 spark plugs x 2 engines in a Seneca. Had Champions before replacing all the plugs with these winners. No hard starts, no fouling and they look very cool with the stainless bodies. The bonus is lower cost to buy and better fuel economy.

William C
March 15, 2018

Certified for and a great plug for Lycoming O360. All resistances were between 995 and 1300 ohms. Gaps checked good, no adjustments needed.

November 29, 2017

We use these plugs in our Pratt and Whitney R1340 engines and have very good luck with them. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Noe A
August 11, 2017

Good Buy

Charles S
July 21, 2017

I always buy Tempest spark plugs. Nickel coating, resistors that are superior and at competitive priceing I WILL consider any Tempest product before others..

Keith P
July 20, 2017

Thanks for the great service. The Tempest plugs arrived on time and as advertised. Im pleased not only with their performance but also with their polished appearance which makes the engine look great.

Jim C
July 8, 2017


Q: Does the Tempest spark plugs include a gasket?

Yes, the plugs will include the gasket.

Q: Am I correct in assuming that the UREM40E has a hotter spark than the UREM38E? Also, will the UREM40E give a better burn rate with the hotter spark and maybe not become lead fouled as bad?

The higher the number the higher the heat rating position will be. so the UREM40E vs. UREM38E, the 40E will be the hotter plug because 40 is larger than 38. Hot plugs have relatively long insulator noses and, therefore, a long heat transfer path. Cold plugs have relatively short noses that thus transfer heat more quickly.

Q: What is the Tempest equivalent to the Champion REL37B plug?

Tempest does not have a replacement for an REL37B spark plug.

Q: What is the difference between the URHB and UREB prefix on the Finewire product number?

The H and the E refer to the barrel style. H prefix is shielded 3/4-20 thread and the E prefix is 5/8-24 thread.

Q: From your Tempest spark-plug price list: how can I tell which plugs are 5/8-24 and which are 3/4-20? (example: UREM40 p/n 08-00048 vs 08-00049)

"E" designates 5/8"-24. "H" designates 3/4"-20.

5/8"-24: UREB37E, UREM37BY, UREM38E, UREM40E, UREB36S, UREM38S

3/4"-20: URHB32E, URHB37E, URHM38E, URHM40E, URHB32S, URHB36S, URHM38S

Q: My champion spark plugs are RHB37E. What is the equivalent in the Tempest brand?

The equivalent is the URHB37E. For singles, use part # 08-00247, ad for 12 pack use part # 08-00247-12.

Q: I am using Champion massive REM40E plugs in my Lycoming 0320-A2D. Which Tempest fine wire plugs will be the equivalent?

The UREM38S is the fine wire replacement for the REM40E. There is no UREM40S plug.

Q: My champion massive electrode is an RHM38E. What’s the appropriate Fine Wire Tempest replacement?

Part number URHM38S would be the Temepst fine wire replacement.


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