900 Angle Drill Kit

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Part# 12-00883
MFR Model# 9885


This angle drill kit includes a drill attachment with quality ball bearing construction for long life. Kit includes 12 threaded drills in assorted sizes and lengths, a mini 3-jaw chuck with 1/16" to 1/4" diameter capacity, and a molded storage case. Made in the U.S.A.

Drill Sizes:
1 ea. #2140 #40 stubby
1 ea. #2130 #30 stubby
2 ea. #3140 #40 short
2 ea. #3130 #30 short
1 ea. #3127 #27 short
1 ea. #3121 #21 short
1 ea. #3112 #12 short
1 ea. #3114 #1/4" short
1 ea. #4140 #40 long
1 ea. #4130 #30 long
1 ea. #20379 Mini 3-jaw chuck
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


This kit has a 90 degree adapter that can be fitted to a normal drill that Im sure works fine. I bought the kit for the assortment of bits and the case. I am using this with an ATS 90 Degree Angle Drill. The bits fit perfectly. They cut though aluminum fast and clean. Great product.

Jimmy K Verified Purchase


June 4, 2024

Very well-made tool. I used a cordless drill to drive it, not my air drill, but it got the difficult job done correctly the first time.

Phill S Verified Purchase


May 4, 2022

Must-have for hard to reach places and where you don’t want to risk marring up a skin with a drill chuck.

Adam Y Verified Purchase


November 30, 2021

Works well, just the tool was a bit dinged up. Tools in that price range should look immaculate on arrival. The bits were untouched but the body had some marks.

Martin R
June 23, 2020

This works Great! Nice options too! You get what you Pay for!

Shop W
March 6, 2020


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Q: Is the Avery 90 deg angle drill kit (p/n 12-00883) air driven or can it be electric drill driven?

Per the vendor, it can be driven either way.

Q: What is the drill thread size?

It is 1/4-28 thread.

Q: What is the height and diameter of the head? (need to determine clearance for tight drilling operation)

3/4" height and 1-1/8" dia (with no drill bit).

Q: What is the total height with the chuck installed?

Overall height of the 90 degree head with the chuck installed is 2" (inches). The head is 1.100" and the chuck is .900" height. Then whatever drill length has to be added. The chuck diameter is .800" round, and the angle head diameter is .700" round.

Q: What is the stall torque on this model?

The stall torque would be the torque on the actual / specific air or electric or battery powered drill motor that is chucked to the 90 degree drill attachment. Since there are so many variables and types of drill motors being used by mechanics, each mechanic would need to determine the actual manufacturers stall torque on his or her personal drill motor. Also on air drills, the amount of air pressure used may have a variance on the torque at the drill motor chuck.

Q: Is there a means of locking the shaft so as not to strain the gears when loosening the bits?

There is a cross drilled hole in the round portion of the handle, about 1-1/2 back from the 90 degree head. The hole goes thru the black handle and the inside shaft (you will have to turn the shaft or drill till the holes line up). Use an 1/8 drill shank, or a scribe, or anything about 1/8 diameter to go into the hole.

Q: Does this have metal gears or plastic gears?

This has metal gears with ball bearings on each gear.

Q: Is angle drill part number 12-00883 variable speed and what is the speed?

You would attach this to a drill to use it. It could be used with a variable speed drill.

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