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Part# 12-03731
MFR Model# 675A


Aircraft Strut Pump 10X delivers up to 1,500 PSI of pressure to raises struts without the need to place the airplane on jacks. Safety one-shot air delivery system gives you maximum control over the entire process -- each stroke of the delivery valve injects a small shot of high pressure air into the strut so that you can raise it in controlled increments. There is virtually no chance of you accidentally overpressurizing and possibly damaging your struts.


  • Newly engineered design now features 6061-T6 Aluminum cylinder for lightweight durability.
  • Operates on 50 to 150 psi air pressure (100 psi recommended).
  • Enhanced high pressure valve system rated at over 3,000 psi.
  • True 10X pressure magnification to produce over 1,500 psi from a 150 psi air source.
  • Also works with Nitrogen delivery systems.
  • Safety "one-shot" system delivers pressure to strut in controlled increments.
  • 24" High Pressure Delivery Hose.
  • MADE IN U.S.A.



Work great for pumping up the strut on my Cessna 182RG.

Capt. G
December 16, 2020

Outstanding product! Ive wanted one of these for a while and a recent move to an airport without many services necessitated that I become more self-sufficient. I ordered one but had some problems with the initially delivered item. Both Aircraft Spruce and Aircraft Tool Supply Company provided outstanding customer service in getting my issue resolved. My setup includes a nitrogen bottle, a reducing regulator (reduces from 2000 psi to 100-150 psi, and lower for tires). Some notes that may help you, however, you must follow all manufacturers recommended and required practices and I offer this not as advice, but to merely describe my experience: 1) Ensure the adapter is tightened securely as others have noted any leak source will allow the pressure to escape instead of be forced into the strut. I used some needle nose pliers to gently tighten slightly beyond finger tight to ensure a good seal. 2) I ensured that I used light machine oil to lubricate as described in the instructions prior to use. 3) My struts often stick I provided a few shots of airs and then tried some techniques to ensure the strut was not stuck: rocked the wings, jacked the aircraft slightly, or towed for a short period to get the strut to become unstuck and react. The lip to my hangar provides just enough bounce to get the strut to unstick and relax to its proper height, so thats all I needed to do this time. The tool allows you to inject finite amounts of air to get your strut exactly where you want it., but, if I overfill and I need to release any pressure, I just allow a short sprit out and re-perform the exercise to ensure the strut is not stuck again. I highly recommend this tool and am thankful for the outstanding customer service at both Aircraft Spruce and Aircraft Tool Supply Company. Final note: Aircraft Tool Supply Company has a lifetime warranty on the strut pump.

Paul P
October 12, 2020

Ordered strut pump from Oz, 5 days later it arrived well packed no damage, pump worked very well, no problems at all blowing up my Dakota 236 main gear and nose struts running off a 125/PSI compressor unit as the air supply, No hesitatin recomending this unit for AC under 5700KGs, great unit build quality! Thanks AS GM. Victoria Australia.

Greg M
July 6, 2020

After getting through a little operator error I found this strut pump worked exactly as advertised. I will now explain operator error! After attaching the strut pump gooseneck fitting to the Schrader valve DO NOT allow the strut pump tool to move as you connect the nitrogen air source to it possibly tugging ever so slightly on the gooseneck fitting. Even the slightest counter clockwise movement of the gooseneck fitting will cause the swivel aspect of the gooseneck fitting to loosen and it will leak which will not allow the strut to be inflated, (you will not perceive the leak) and you will pump madly away until all your nitrogen is gone. (grin) My suggestion is to always connect the strut pump from the left side of the Schrader valve as this will help from loosening the gooseneck fitting as you flop around under the aircraft.

Fred B
June 25, 2020

I previously submitted a negative review. I found that the hose had somehow loosened where it attaches to the pistons body. After tightening, the pump now works very well. I can now recommend it.

Louis S
April 21, 2020

Outstanding product, works exactly as stated. After strut reseal only four or five cycles on the pump and back to correct height

November 21, 2019

I am an A&P and have wanted one of these for some time now. This one from ATS is almost half the price of the only other one I know of. I tweaked mine by adding a high pressure gauge and also a check valve to allow the use of Nitrogen without wasting Nitrogen. (see Youtube video). This pump from ATS is a very high quality and works as it should. I am happy with my purchase.

John P
February 27, 2018

Worked great on my Cherokee struts. The only negative comment is the air volume per stroke is minimal, but it did the job.

May 14, 2020

I have not been able to get the proper strut height without putting the plane on jacks. It must take 100 strokes of the pump to make a difference. I don t recommend. I would give it a 2.

Louis S
April 17, 2020

It does function but is very cheaply made and looks like an adaptation of a inexpensive grease gun. I used it on my aircraft maybe 6 times in a 3 year period before it broke. Not sure if the quality of the new ones are better.

February 15, 2019


Q: Does this aircraft strut pump 10X come with the schrader valve coupler?

Yes, it comes with a gooseneck style coupler.

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