Hydraulic Aircraft Jack Model 868 Hlw

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Part# 12-03287
MFR Model# 868HLW


The Model 868HLW jack features our exclusive 31.5" cylinder assembly that provides a full 25" of available lifting range.

Effective Ranges
32"- 57", 38"-63", 62"-87", 68"-93"
Ram Capacity 16,000 lbs

The Model #868HLW combines the strength and versatility of our Model 868W high wing jack with the ability to provide a full 6" of additional ram travel. Ram travel that translates into additional ground clearance, working room and reduced set up time.

The #868HLW jack accomodates the complete line of high wing Cessna aircraft, such as the 172RG, 177RG, 182RG, 210 and 337. Shipped with adapters, our unique design allows the Model 868HLW to easily be converted from a low wing jack at 32" and 38" to a 62" or 68" high wing jack, avoiding the high cost of having to purchase numerous model specific jacks.

When the need is for a high wing jack that can deliver superior ground clearance and accommodate a wide range of aircraft, the Model 868HLW is the choice.

Beech Model 99, Beech 1900, Citation Series,
Cheyenne I/II/III/IV, Conquest, King Air, Navajo,
Pilatus, Queenaire, T28


  • High LIft Cylinder (25")
  • Double Action 8 Ton (16,000 lb) Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Highly Versatile
  • Shipped with Adapters for 32", 38", 62" & 68" Starting Heights
  • Double Braced at the 62" & 68" Height for Stability
  • Locking Safety Collar Secures the Load
  • Convenient Pump Handle Storage
  • Rugged Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • "Tilt & Go" Wheels for Greater Mobility


They’re good jacks, great versatility but they do not in fact work for high wing Cessna retracts, they’re sooooo close but the piston length isn’t long enough. Wheels will still contact the ground. Maybe if you took the wheels off it would work, but they kind of defeats the purpose.

Aaron M
June 10, 2021


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