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Differential Pressure Tester With Master Orifice (Large Bore)

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Part# 12-02347
MFR Model# 2EM-60


The Model 2EM-60 Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester combines the features of the popular 2E tester and a Master Orifice into one tool. Now you can conveniently check your engine's leakdown rate against a calibrated standard to instantly determine if your engine's cylinder leakage is within the manufacturer's limits. Specifications: Orifice size is .060". precision gauges matched to within +/-2%. Includes 18MM Spark Plug Adapter, 24" pressure hose, and complete instructions. Protective form-fitted hard case included. Factory calibrated. Letter of certification available upon request.

This differential pressure tester has a .060" orifice and is intended for use with engines whose bore diameters exceed 5" per AC43.13 REV 1B. However, Lycoming and Continental service specifications call for the use of a standard tester (with a .040" orifice) even if their engine’s bore diameters exceed 5", and for those engines you must comply with the manufacturer's specifications and use a standard tester such as the 2EM instead of this unit.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Works great, havent used it yet

Ivan Verified Purchase


January 18, 2023

Works great!

Melody A Verified Purchase


November 26, 2021

All good except coronavirus non-sense. Long phone waits and inability to get in store in Wasilla.

David S
July 21, 2020

I bought this atvtgexOshkosh airshow. They sold me the one off the display because they didn’t have any left. After checking this site I realized there’s accesories as well as case that goes with it. Any chance of contacting someone about this?

Dennis L
August 5, 2023


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Q: Does this compression tester part # 12-02347 come with a current calibration certificate?

This pressure tester will have a calibration sticker on the unit. If you require the calibration certificate, it must be requested at the time of order and it will be a special order. Contact sales if you require the calibration certificate to set up the special order.

Q: What is the difference between this tester and the E2 tester ? Dose this do leak down and compression ?

They are similar, they are just made by different manufacturers. These only do leak down tests.

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