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Bogert Aviation 90 Degree Oil Quick Drain Probe

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Part# 12-03237
MFR Model# 09M-PRB90


Bogert Aviation 90 degree Oil Quick Drain Probe

The first big improvement is that the probe is leak proof. The AVI design could leak where it mates to the valve plunger making a mess. The new design incorporates an O-ring seal around the valve body preventing leaks. The O-ring also locks the probe to the valve body. The second improvement is the compactness of the probe. It is actually shorter than the BJ 107B making it easier to install.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Nylon and Aluminum Construction
  • High Strength and rust proof
  • Replacable O-Ring Seal
  • 1/2" ID Hose Connection


  • Valve this attaches to has 5/8-18 threads and fits the drain holes of most Teledyne Continental engines
  • 09M-PRB90 Replaces:
    • Piper P/N: 481-359
    • Beechcraft P/N: 107-B
    • Auto Valve Inc. AVI-BJ-107B
  • Note:**Suitable for PA28R-201, PA28R-201T and others having close clearance issues between the AVI valve and engine mount tubes.


  • Leak Free Design
  • Faster Oil Flow
  • Eliminate Clean Up
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Appears to be a 3D-printed part. Material deforms significantly with the heat of the oil even after waiting an hour to start It was no longer usable after a single use. It did not even hold up to the pressure of getting the product in place. Too bad my first (and sadly only) use of the product was a year after I purchased it. I would be ashamed if I were selling this product for this specific use case. I would strongly assert that buying this product is a bad investment....unless one plans to drain the oil only when at ambient temperature....and even then, it is a weak argument.

Joe J
September 25, 2023

Terrible product. Cant withstand the heat during a hot oil change. Material got soft and broke on second use. Do not purchase. Way over priced.

Foster A
August 7, 2022

I bought this a few months ago for my maintenance shop instead of the good metal one trying to save a few bucks. Big mistake. We only have one Arrow in our flight school and two customers with Arrows, so it is not like we use it every day. It is only a few months old and has already chipped and cracked so badly that it is unusable. Cheap junk. Dont waste your money.

Rodney C
May 1, 2020


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Q: Is this a replacement for Piper 481-359? I want to use this for my Turbo Arrow III.

No, it will be too tall for the available space.

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