High Capacity Exhaust Desiccator

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Part# 12-01057


This quality made polyurethane rubber plug won't wear out and provides a positive seal in the exhaust pipe. Removal flag and cap attach to external end of plug when in use. During storage, flag cap fits on desiccator chamber. Limits internal engine damage caused by corrosion. Fits 2" dia. exhaust pipes. One piece construction allows the dessicant to be contained in the core of the plug.

Plug tapers from 2" to 2-1/4".


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These desiccator plugs work great to keep moisture out of your engine. The rubber is very pliable and they wedge nicely into your exhaust pipes. You do need to be careful, to keep the unit upright once you remove the cap that exposes the desiccant otherwise you could loose the desiccant. They do what theyre made to do. Would purchase again.

Dan W
February 9, 2021

Have used these before and they work as described. 3 stars for the price.

Bill P
November 26, 2020

Just send beads scattering all over the hangar floor. Poor design in that regard. Avoid these. Use your money to get an engine saver/dehumidifier instead. Youll be much happier, and glad you went that way and not with these poorly designed exhaust plugs.

Randy C
April 27, 2021

Not what I expected at all. I had a set of dessicants years ago, bought from Aircraft Spruce, that were a much better design. Not much dessicant material, and you have to remove the red cap/plug to expose it. Nothing to retain the dessicant ball bearings. The ones I had years ago had a perforated cap that held in the dessicant while allowing it to be exposed. With these, you have nothing to retain the material, the ball bearings easily scatter out when the red cap/plug is removed from the end of the amber rubbery exhaust pipe plug. Now Im having to figure out a way to modify the dang thing to hold in the dessicant material when the red cap is removed. EXPENSIVE for what you get, too. Knowing what I know know, Id make my own. Avoid. Bad design.

Randel D
February 2, 2019


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Q: It appears there are 2 different stock numbers for these. I have 2.5 inch diameter exhaust on my Cessna C182T. What is the diameter of this high capacity exhaust dessicator?

This product has an OD of 2-1/4".

Q: Does the plug come with the silica included or must one buy this extra?

Yes, this will come with the silica included.

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