Port-A-Blast Sandblaster

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Part# 12-00172
MFR Model# 30D


The Port-A-Blast sand blast gun is a complete sand blast unit. Fill the container with the abrasive material, connect the gun to your air line and it is ready to go to work. Will operate on air pressure as low as 60 PSI. However, for best results, pressures of 100-500 PSI are recommended. The greater the pressure the faster the cutting. The gun can be used to siphon abrasives or liquids directly from a hopper or bucket, using a flexible siphon tube, and eliminating the 1Qt. container.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Compatible Abrasives

  • Silica Sand - the cheapest and most widely used for average work.
  • Glass Beads
  • Black Beauty Abrasive
  • Aluminum Oxide Abrasives - for fast cutting and fine texturing and etching.
  • Nut Shell Abrasives - for cleaning and polishing hard under surfaces without scratching.
  • Metal Shot - for removal of hard surfaces such as porcelain.
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I got a Port-A-Blast and I love it .

Alonso A Verified Purchase


April 19, 2024

I am so happy to find this nozzle. I have my dads old Port a Blast from who knows how long ago, with a metal syphoning tube and it as been the best sandblaster for refinishing my wood projects. I dropped it a few months back and snapped the nozzle. I had no idea where my dad got his and I was devastated. Nothing has worked like this has. I cant wait to get my new nozzles and finish my projects!!!

January 23, 2022

This device is excellent. It is a great value. It is very helpful in media blasting large objects that are to cumbersome for an enclosed blaster. I recommend using a remote hopper for providing an adequate supply of media. I recommend this unit.

Jody S
March 17, 2021


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Q: PORT-A-BLAST Sandblaster Do you sell them with Steel Nozzles and if so what would be a price on 12 units please

The stock units have ceramic nozzles, but we can order the steel nozzles upon request

Q: What is the ID of the nozzle and what is the CFM needed at say 125 lbs pressure?

The I.D. of the nozzle is 3/16", which tapers to a jet that is 3/32". It takes 8.06 CFM to 100PSI.

Q: I was wondering if these guns would shoot undercoating through them. Is this like the Shultz guns for undercoating?

Per Vendor: I have never been asked this before and am not familiar with the needs for undercoating. I visualize that as a thick tarry substance and if so I doubt that he would be happy with the 30D. It is a good liquid blaster, but that would with things like solvent.

Q: Will 20/40 mesh black beauty sand work with this gun part # 12-00172? What does the manufacturer recommend?

Yes, this will work no problem.

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