ATS Spark Plug Vibrator Cleaner

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Part# 12-00714
MFR Model# PA01


If you clean a lot of spark plugs, then you know that a spark plug vibrator cleaner is the only way to remove stubborn lead deposits. A spark plug abrasive cleaner is great for the finish cleaning, but it just won't take care of the lead deposits found down around the plug porcelain. This spark plug vibrator cleaner will do the same job as the more expensive vibrator cleaners at a fraction of the cost. It will clean heavy deposits in and around the electrodes with absolutely no risk of damage to the plug. This spark plug vibrator cleaner is small, light weight, and easy to use. It is great for the mechanic or pilot's toolbox.
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Ethan U Verified Purchase


June 5, 2024

Works awesome! Can’t believe I cleaned spark plugs for so long without it.

Josh K Verified Purchase


March 26, 2024

I am the maintenance officer for our local flying club and do some of the maintenance on our two planes. I got this vibrator cleaner and a sand cleaner to clean our planes spark plugs. It makes quick order removing the lead deposit on the plugs. I recommend it 100%

Joe F
May 25, 2017


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Q: Does the ATS Vibrator Cleaner tool ship with a blade?

Yes, it does.

Q: Is there a 220V version available?

Unfortunately this is not available in a 220V version.

Q: Do you sell replacement blades for the ATS vibrator cleaner PA01?

Yes, this will be P/N# 12-01147.

Q: What is the difference between this model and PN: 12-21355? Are they the same power/watts?

The power unit itself are the exact same make and model. The only real difference between the two is the 12-00714 uses allen head set screws to attach the cleaner arm, and the 12-21355 uses small machine screws.

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