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Part# 11-09629


LED Midget Flanged Bi-Polar Lamp
T1-3/4 (5-28 volts)

A direct LED replacement for Midget Flanged Based miniature incandescent lamps.Long-life, low power consumption, shock resistance, and extreme thermal tolerancemake LED's ideal for harsh industrial environments.Voltages from 5V-28V AC or DC.

Replaces miniaturelamps:
# 328, 345, 350, 7335 (5/6V), 330, 382, 394 (12/14V), 327, 376, 387 (24/28V)

Attention: Not intended for use with Post Light Assemblies


  • Up to 90% Energy Savings Over Incandescent Lamps
  • Long Life, 100,000 hrs.,Almost 10 years
  • Reduces Relamping Labor Cost
  • Shock and Vibration Proof
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Increased Safety, No glass that can shatter


  • Lamp Shape: T1 3/4 (5mm)
  • Base Style: Midget Flange
  • Length MOL: 0.65"
  • Diameter MOD:0.24"
  • Electrical Data: Bi-Polar, will operate AC or DC, any polarity, 5-28V
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The bulb works as described when powered up on the bench however this bulb does not fit in my compass. The shape of the plastic LED stops it from being inserted far enough into the compass to close the cover (tip contact).

Mike G
November 10, 2018

I purchased four of these and two burned out within a month. The bulbs that these replace last longer than that. These are too expensive to burn out so quickly.

Mark H
October 17, 2018

These LED lights are brighter than the incandescent bulbs they replaced. In my case, I have bulb cases with adjustable eyes, so Iâm not worried about it. You can see these LEDs better in daylight. The incandescent bulbs got very hot, but the LED lights are cool. The LEDs should last much longer than the incandescent bulbs.

Steve M
September 20, 2018

These work as a replacement for GE327 but beware: they DO NOT DIM. In my panel the 3 gear lights are actually too bright at night.

Jim M
August 9, 2018

The reason these lamps will not work in a compass is because a compass light fixture is wired backwards than a normal fixture. This is due to the way the lamp is inserted in the fixture. The positive post in a compass fixture is inside away from the frame, and touches the outside circumference of the lamp (normally the ground). The ground is the cover over the lamp, which touches the center lamp electrode. If it was wired conventionally, you would touch the case and get a shock. LEDs are polarity sensitive.

July 27, 2018

This was the only site I found that carried an LED lamp of this shape that was described as being a bi-polar lamp. The new lamps fit well and have worked in all our applications on broadcast equipment panels.

Skip R
June 4, 2018

I just received my replacement bulbs from my initial shipment as 20 units were damaged at at the base of the bulb due to, (in my opinion), poor construction methods. Although these bulbs functioned fine, (except one), most were damaged at the base, (torn metal), or the Mica separator was protruding out so far that the assembly would not close once the bulb was installed in the holder. Just received my 20 replacement bulbs and, although they are slightly better, some bulbs still displayed poor quality control issues and I ended up picking out the best of the best and sending back a combination of the initial shipment and the new shipment. If you compare these bulbs with the Sloan LED product, there is no comparison as the Sloan product is perfectly constructed with zero flaws. I ordered 100 of these bulbs as well and could not find manufacturing flaws except that the Sloan LED product is not bi-polar and therefore could not be used in my application. I really like this product and find disappointment that, for the price per bulb, there should be a higher manufacturing standard.

James M
February 9, 2018

Although I love the idea of these replacement bulbs. I find that the quality control is somewhat lacking. I found a number of these bulbs either damaged at the base, or the Mica electrical separator protruding out so far that my lamp holder would not close properly, or pushed too far in where it would create a short in my application. When considering the cost per unit, these bulbs should be in top quality condition. I have also bought the Sloan LED model and found there build to be far superior, however they are not bipolar and could not be used in my application. I will add that Aircraft Spruce has the best customer service I have seen as they have satisfied my every need in replacing these bulbs. This company is a good example that customer service trumps quality control as I will order from them again in the future.

James M
January 25, 2018

Used as a replacement for GE-330 12V landing gear indicator lamps. Brighter than the incandescent lamps, not sure if they can be dimmed or not, mine stay full bright.

December 22, 2017

Tried to use them in the compass. Bought 2 with the intent of one as a spare, however, tried them both and neither would come on. Checked them with a battery and still will not work. Not very happy with the outcome.

March 10, 2017


Q: How much current do the part #11-09629 LED replacements for the 330 12V bulbs draw? Will they work with an instrument panel dimmer? On the same dimmer with standard 330 bulbs? Thanks Will

Per the manufacturer, 11-09629 draws 20 milli amps. Yes, will work for the instrument panel dimmer, but will not dim very much on these standard bulbs.

Q: Are these LED midget flange based bi-polar lamps PMA'd for certificated aircraft?

Per the supplier: No, these are NOT FAA PMA'd for use in certified aircraft.

Q: Why are these not intended for use in post lights?

This statement is from the Manufacturer. As this is not FAA approved they would not like theses installed as post lights for certified aircraft. If you have an experimental aircraft you have can install these as you please.

Q: Are these supposed to be the bright white LEDs? Mine are yellow in color and wonder if this is correct?

The LED midget flange lamp (11-09629) is a warm white which has a slight yellow tint to simulate the color of an incandescent bulb.

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