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Part# 05-01435
MFR Model# VANS A-1760


Specify knob color (black, blue, red), overall length of control (from under panel nut to end of control) and stroke (2-1/4-Inch, 2-1/2-Inch).

Made in USA



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Q: What is the diameter of the threaded portion of the Custom prop control cable at the panel?

The ACS A-1760 control has 3/4-16 mounting threads at the panel. A 3/4" hole would be required to install.

Q: I need the little rubber boot at the rod end of the cable. Do you have that part?

Please see part numbers 05-02633 and 05-02634.

Q: What is the diameter of the solid metal portion of the cable where the carb end of the cable is clamped? Is there a clamp specifically designed to hold the carb end of the cable sheath?

This cable has a bulkhead fitting at the threaded end to secure the housing. The end user would normally fabricate a bracket for their specific application.

Q: The carb end of the cable has a solid metal section that is to be held by the user-fabricated bracket. It is this section I was asking about. What is the diameter of this part of the cable that happens to be about 3/4 long and ABOUT 3/8 in diameter?

The crimped bulkhead threads are 7/16"-20 and 1-1/2" long. You could drill a 7/16" hole in your fabricated bracket for it to be attached.

Q: The photo shows a vernier control knob, is that accurate?

Yes, this display picture is accurate and is up to date.

Q: Do the A-1760 Vans vernier control cables come supplied with the two 7/16 nuts and washers at the hook-up end of the cable or need to order separately?

This cable has the nuts and washers at the bulkhead end of the cable.

Q: How do I measure the length exactly? From the flat surface of the finish panel nut to the end of the inner control? Pushed in? Pulled out? Thanks.

With the control pushed in, measure from the end of the 10-32 threads, to the flat part of the control that sits flush with the panel when mounted.

Q: What is the diameter of the cable where it would go through the firewall? How long does it take once ordered?

The firewall fitting (bulkhead fitting) is 7/16-20. Standard lead time is 4 weeks ARO.

Q: What is the diameter of the A1760 cable where it goes through the firewall?

After the nut there is a .50 inch metal sleeve and after that it drops to the cable which is .25 inch.

Q: Need length when cable is pushed all the way in, the length from where the part #10464 clamps the cable to the hard mount to the very end of the cable where the 10-32 threads end

This cable does not use the 10464 it has a threaded bulkhead instead of the grove for the 10464 clamp. There are are also 2 stroke options so it depends on what option you pick.

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