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The A-800 friction lock control provides positive locking at any power setting by turning the chrome collet locking nut. Unique ball-socket construction permits 10-32 threaded end to swivel 8 degree in any direction. Casing has Teflon liner for low friction and heat resistance in high-temperature areas such as engine compartments. Travel: 3-3/8". The 1-1/4" dia. solid knob is available in black or blue (blue knob has smooth profile, not FAA style). 1/2" panel thread. Lengths are measured from under panel nut to end of threaded shaft with knob pushed in.

Made in USA
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Dont t fit No thread on the bottom for Bracket

Jean M
September 16, 2019

I did not use this. I messed up by ordering the wrong length. Measured 2 from the instrument panel to the firewall and then 4 feet from the firewall to where the end of the cable would be. Then I preceded to order a 4 cable instead of a 6 cable.

Allan K
July 21, 2019

Great cable and great price. As the other review says, the knob is a little rough. I removed the knob, put it in the lathe and was able to quickly smooth out the mold lines with some 400 grit sandpaper. Then with a light touch of flame from the torch the knob came out smooth and glossy, looks great and feels good in your hand.

Joe B
February 4, 2019

Nice good quality throttle cable that is more than adequate for my needs especially at 1/4 the cost of the quote I got from Mc-- for essentially the same unit. My airplane had the same ACS throttle only with a vernier control which I discovered I very much didnt like the first time I had to do a go around. With a vernier throttle you find yourself hunting for the release button to add power when time is critical. Thats a non player in my book after 40 years of aviating. The knob, although standard, is a little chinsier looking that the other brand but I was going to replace it with a nice aftermarket carbon fiber or billet alum shift knob from eBay anyway.

Kurt E
March 29, 2018


Q: Are the knobs on these throttle controls removable? If so, what is the thread where it attaches?

A800 control knobs are threaded on with Loctite 262. It has 1/4-28 threads.

Q: What is the outside cable diameter for firewall penetration?

The largest diameter is approximately 3/8".

Q: What is the outside cable diameter for firewall penetration, not the largest diameter but the cable's diameter? Regarding A-800 friction lock control.

1/4" O.D. on the cable but the swaged on part is 3/8". Customer would need to drill a 3/8" hole and use a AN931 grommet.

Q: Diameter hole for the instrument panel?

The diameter for the hole would be 1/2".

Q: What is the length of the threaded portion of the cable?

The threaded section is .70".

Q: What is the length with the from the hold down clamp notch to the end of the dust cap with the cable retracted to the dust cable?


Q: Can the A800 threaded 10-32 rod be cut and shortened like the solid wire of the A820?

No, it is not recommended that these controls be cut.

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