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Adjustable friction throttles with same construction as the ACS A-800 friction throttle but with a large (2" dia.) black solid plastic knob. Has 3/16" dia. 10-32 threaded end with 8 degree swivel. Stocked in the following lengths (measurement taken from under panel nut to end of threaded shaft with knob pushed in).

Made in USA

Not FAA / PMA Approved

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Threaded at the cabin end was not long enough to be mounted in the factory location. Had to machine a recessed nut to make it work. Otherwise very smooth.

Al K
July 29, 2019


Q: I would like to know the dimension/length of the stiff portion of this cable behind the knob...I am trying to determine how far the cable protrudes behind the panel before it can be bent. Thanks.

The tube housing is 5-1/4" long, behind the mounting point, to the flexible housing of the control.

Q: Is this throttle FAA/PMA approved?

No, these are not FAA / PMA Approved throttles. Experimental only.

Q: Are these friction throttle cables trimmable? What size is the inner cable?

These have a 10-32 threaded end which is not trimmable, and have a .078" inner cable.

Q: What is the diameter of the flexible cable housing on these friction throttle cables?

The OD of the flexible cable is approximately 1/4".

Q: What is the diameter of the hole required to mount this friction control in the instrument panel?

The throttle requires a 1/2" hole for installation in the panel.

Q: What s the length of the threaded portion of the cable?

The threaded section is .74".

Q: is the threaded bulk-head automatically included at the end of the plastic sleeve. What is the distance between the threaded end of the bulk head to the 10/32 thread end. Can this distance be varied?

The bulkhead is not included on the A-800 and would need to be specified at the time of order. The measurement from the center of the bulkhead fitting to the end of the rod when its extended is 9-5/16. If they order the Vans A-800 the measurement is 7-1/4 for the 2-1/2 stroke.

Q: Would I be able to remove the black knob and install a custom knob while retaining the friction lock part?

Yes these knobs are just threaded on with 1/4-28 thread.

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