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The A-790 vernier control has a .078" dia. stainless steel wire core. Both the wire and Teflon™ lined flexible casing may be shortened as required. The Teflon liner provides low friction with heat resistance in high temperature areas such as engine compartments. Furnished with FAA-style knobs (Black, Red & Blue). Max. travel: 3-3/8". Stocked in the following lengths (measurement taken from under the panel nut to end of wire with knob pushed in).

Made in USA
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I’m still in the process of installing it however I just want to warn you to NOT Pull the knob out more than 3 1/ 8th inches otherwise a stainless steel ball about the size of a BB will fall out. Fortunately there is a link on how to reinstall the ball, assuming you can find it😀. You can also email the manufacturer, HCS products, and I’m sure they’ll send you a new ball. Here’s my suggestion for Aircraft Spruce, attach a note in bold letters for real men like me. Regards, John

John M
April 6, 2021


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Q: Are these A-790 controls FAA Approved?

Yes and no. Only the A-790-12 vernier mixture control is approved for Cessna 172, 172A thru Q; Cessna 150, 150A thru M, A150K, A150L, A150M; Cessna 152, A152. Other approvals pending. Order by Part Number and state Cessna model and serial number. A790-12 is 53" long.

Q: Re: A-790 VERNIER CONTROL. Will this control (p/n 05-08036) lock in place resisting pull of the Rotax 912 carburetor springs?

Yes. this will work on the Rotax.

Q: Can this A-790 cable be shortened, ie, cut to length in the field?

Yes, the A-790 control cable can be shortened as required.

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