Cessna Static Wick - C592001-0203

Part# 06-00670
MFR Model# C592001-0203


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Once you had it in stock in canada, very fast shipping. Had problem with a credit card, but very good customer service when i called. Look forward to buy again with aircraftspruce. Thank you

Larry H Verified Purchase

CESSNA WICK C592001-0203

October 21, 2022

Good product but WAY overpriced for such a simple item!

Ricardo D
February 7, 2020


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Q: My OEM part # ends in -0103. Is the -0203 the same item with an update? Any difference between the two?

C592001-0103 is replaced by C592001-0201 which is a black static wick and cannot be removed from the base. C592001-0203 is a white static wick and can be removed from the base.

Q: My boss told me to order a male static wick. Is this one (part number 06-00670). Is this one male?

Part # 06-00670 is a male threaded static wick with the mounting base included.

Q: What is the distance between mounting holes between C592001-0203?

1.15 inches from hole center to hole center.

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