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Part# 05-00907
MFR Model# 10374


Includes mounting flange and backing plate. Mount your gascolator solidly on the firewall with this special bulkhead fitting. Simply drill a 5/8" hole through the firewall and a backing plate on the cabin side and rivet the 1-1/2" x 1/8" flange to the firewall. Connect the incoming fuel line to the AN6 male tube fitting on the cabin side. Screw the gascolator onto the 1/4" male pipe (on the engine side). Machined from mild steel (303 stainless steel).
Made in USA
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Very good

Alexander S
November 4, 2019

Nice heavy duty and high quality firewall fitting.

Gary K
September 26, 2019

Easy and mindless way to do this

May 31, 2019

well made and very beefy , perfect for firewall penetration and mounting of the gascolator

Monte H
March 4, 2019


Q: Is this gascolator firewall fitting a flare type connection to a hard line that requires an AN818/819-6 fitting type?

Yes, this unit has 1/4" NPT on one end and 3/8" flare(AN6) on the other, which would require an AN818/819-6 nut and sleeve on a hard line to connect.

Q: Is this fitting meant to also serve as the mount for the gascolator?

Yes, just thread the gascolator to the pipe thread end of this fitting.

Q: What depth of firewall will the fitting accommodate?

With the mounting plate on the pipe thread side the firewall can be up to 1/2", and if the mounting plate is used on the flare thread side the firewall can be up to 1/4".

Q: Does this come with stainless steel rivets? If not, what type rivets should I buy for this?

It does not include rivets. The rivets needed will depend on the application.

Q: The description says "Machined from mild steel (303 stainless steel)". Is it all stainless? What is the diameter of the round flange on the fitting? What is the thickness of the flanges?

This product is manufactured from 303 stainless.
Round Flange: 2" OD | .090" thickness

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