STC'd J-3 Wing Tanks

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11 1/2 Gallon Kits include mounting brackets, installation instructions, and STC paperwork. Requires a gas cap, 2-way shut-off valve and 3/8"x1/4" brass fuel strainer which are not included.
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Q: What is the weight of the STC'd J-3 Wing Tank with metal spars?

Per the supplier: The weight is approximately 9.5 lbs.

Q: Does it fit on a PA11? I need the secondary right fuel tank and a selector valve.

Yes, the STC includes the PA11 so it will fit perfectly. The fuel selector valve must be purchased separately.

Q: Does the STC include the J-4 (coupe)?

No, this STC does not include the J-4.

Q: Does the STC include the removal of the nose tank, in a J-3?

No, these are to be used with the nose tank.

Q: Who is the manufacturer and STC holder for this wing tank?

These are manufactured by Wag Aero.

Q: Does the STC include a Clipped Wing J3?

No the clipped wing is not covered.

Q: I have a Wag-Aero Sport Trainer, is this type of tanks is going to fit, the plane have wooden spare and ribs. Thanks!

Per the vendor, yes, this will fit.

Q: Does the STC include the J-5?

No this is not approved for the J-5.

Q: What dimension this fuel tank?

This tank is 30 x 15 x 7. This does not include the brackets.

Q: Could you point me to the right fuel cap size ? Im looking for a vented one

The manufacturer recommends our part number 05-06357.

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