Style No. 5 Seat Belt / Harness Set For Homebuilts

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Part# 13-01300
MFR Model# FDC-1900-109


These are top quality, new manufactured assemblies. They are designed, manufactured, and proof tested to rigid FAA standards. All seat belts use proven lift to release style Davis metal to metal buckles. Push-to-release buckles are not used due to difficulties in releasing under emergency conditions. Aircraft quality alloys and 2-inch nylon webbing are used throughout. Seatbelts are certified to FAA TSO-C22f.

Specially designed for the VariEze, this popular combination is also used in the Long-EZ, Quickie, Q2, Cozy, Sea Hawk and several other homebuilts. The belts are made to fit snugly, and the aluminum end fittings save weight. Order two sets for all above aircraft except Quickie which uses one set. Not FAA approved for certificated aircraft.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.



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Q: I'm potentially interested in purchasing a pair of the Style No. 5 Seat Belt/ Harness Set for Homebuilts, part # 13-01300. The description indicates the belts are designed to fit snugly, but doesn't indicate how long the belts are. I would appreciate knowing the max length of the belts? Also are the harnesses and belts 2" wide? Thanks, Ken

Here is the dimensional info we have available for 13-01300. Shoulder harness dimensions (both sides): from fixed side 15-1/2" then 13" from adjuster. Slack of 20". Total length 35-1/2". Lap Dimensions: Both sides adjustable, both 18", total length 36". Belt Width: 2".

Q: What is the color of the hardware, i e buckles and adjustment hardware?

The hardware on this style no. 5 belt and harness set is silver.

Q: Can I get these belts in different colors?

No, style No. 5 belt / harness sets come in black only.

Q: What size is the bolt hole to attach these belts to airframe?

The 13-01300 requires a 1/4" bolt to mount to the airframe.

Q: How much does one set weigh?

One set weighs approximately 1.68 lbs.

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