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Part# 11-07537
MFR Model# 2042


  • Provides both voice and visual warning if the landing gear is not in the correct position for either a runway landing or a water landing.
  • Airspeed activated, activation speed easily set from 50 to 120 mph.
  • Works with aircraft having 1, 3, or 4 gear position indicating lights.
  • Not just another voice response system, requires pilot interaction to set the system.

Amphibian pilots know that landing an amphibian aircraft on water with the gear down can have disastrous consequences. The P/N 2042 Gear Warning System is designed to provide an additional margin of safety for amphibian pilots by providing a backup electronic means of verifying landing gear position for both water and runway landings. Not convinced that you should have a warning system?

The Gear Warning system consists of a small electronic box (about 2.5 inch by 3.25 inch weighing less than 1 lb) that can be mounted anywhere in the aircraft, and 2 panel mounted switches with lights. The system is activated by airspeed. The activation speed can be set by a simple screwdriver adjustment. On takeoff, as the airspeed exceeds the activation speed, the system becomes active. There is a time delay built in to prevent false triggering. When the system becomes active, the lights in the panel switches will illuminate for 15 sec, to alert the pilot that the system is active. The pilot can also push either switch at any time, and the system will perform a self test. If the electronics are working properly, the voice message "TEST O.K." will be heard in the pilots headset and through the built in speaker. The system can be temporarily disengaged for slow flight. Pushing either switch and holding it for 2 sec. will place the system in the disengage mode. When this occurs, the lights in the switches will flash alternately alerting the pilot that the system is disengaged. Pushing either switch again re-engages the system and turns the flashing lights off.

As the aircraft slows below the activation speed for a landing, the landing sequence is initiated. The pilot will then hear the voice message "SELECT LANDING, SELECT LANDING" repeatedly in his headset and through the built in speaker. The 2 panel switches are marked "L" for land, and "W" for water. They are also set on colored labels for easy identification. The pilot must then push one of the switches corresponding to the type of landing being made, "W" for a water landing, or "L" for a runway landing. The electronics then checks to determine if the gear is in the proper position for the type of landing selected. If the gear is in the correct position, the voice message "GEAR O.K." will be heard. If the gear is not in the proper position, the voice message "CHECK LANDING GEAR, CHECK LANDING GEAR" will be heard. This message will continue until the speed is increased above the activation speed, or the gear is placed in the proper position. When installed in aircraft having multiple gear indicating lights, the system will respond with the "CHECK LANDING GEAR" voice warning if it determines that any of the wheels are in the wrong position. The system also responds with the warning if the gear indicating lights loose power.

The P/N 2042 system also incorporates an airspeed activated electronic switch which closes whenever the airspeed is above 45 mph. This can be used to activate a transponder, Hobbs meter etc.

The Gear Warning system is supplied as a complete kit consisting of the electronic module, a pre-wired, color coded cable, switches, connecters, mounting hardware etc. The only other item required is a 1 amp fuse or breaker.

You can find detailed installation information and review the installation manual by clicking on 2042m. You will find a listing of the aircraft approved for installation at 2042 aml



Q: Is there an STC on the Amphibian Gear Warning System?

Yes, this is STC approved.

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