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Part# 11-13892
MFR Model# 87098-00-FT0L-KIT


The FreeFlight Systems RANGR 978 Transmitter Lite comes as a basic but complete package - a rule-compliant ADS-B Out solution for those operating at FL180 and below. It automatically synchronizes with legacy transponders without the need for additional pilot interaction.

The TXL is a low cost, lightweight, installed system for rule compliance - without sacrificing performance. All the necessary components for installation are included, no fine print.

FreeFlight Systems designs solutions that enable and support the global NextGen airspace transformation. Our ADS-B systems have accumulated thousands of hours of operation across a broad spectrum of aircraft platforms.

STC approved in accordance with AC 20-165A, AC 20-172A


  • TSO certified for complete ADS-B Out 2020 compliance
  • AML STC for most aircraft types
  • Keep your existing transponder
  • We keep you flying - backed by an industry leading warranty and excellent customer support


  • Model: FDL-978-TXL Transmitter, includes internal, WAAS/GPS sensor
  • Capabilities: TSO Rule Compliant, ADS-B Out
  • Link Frequency: 978 MHz
  • Display Options: N/A


  • System: TSO-C154c (UAT), TSO-C145c (GNSS)
  • Design: Assurance DO-160, DO-178B Level C, DO-254 Level C, SW/HW

In The Box

  • Built-in WAAS/GPS
  • ADS-B and GPS antennas
  • Installation kit
  • Control head
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Q: Since this unit is advertised as STC approved, can you supply the STC documentation to allow this product to be installed in a certified aircraft?

Yes, STC information is included with purchase.

Q: Regarding the Freeflight RANGR TXL System 2020 ADS-B - Out: What is the STC number?

The STC number is SA02426AK.

Q: Regarding the Freeflight RANGR TXL System 2020 ADS-B - Out: Is the pickup sensor that reads the existing transponder included?

Yes, the pick up sensor is included.

Q: Regarding the Freeflight RANGR TXL System 2020 ADS-B - Out: There is a control head listed in the box, but what would it do, just turn it on and off?

The control head has an ident, on, off, standby, and alt switch.

Q: Regarding the Freeflight RANGR TXL System 2020 ADS-B - Out: The UAT must read the squawk code from the existing transponder, yes?

Yes, an internal encoder is incorporated to sniff out the squawk code.

Q: Regarding the Freeflight RANGR TXL System 2020 ADS-B - Out: Does the unit use anonymous mode when the user is squawking 1200 on the existing transponder?

The Anonymous Mode can only be enabled when the squawk code is set to 1200, no flight plan is filed, and ATC services are not requested. This feature will not work with mode S transponders, you must use mode c or older.

Q: Regarding the Freeflight RANGR TXL System 2020 ADS-B - Out: Would it switch automatically to anonymous, when you leave ATC (go from assigned squawk to 1200 in flight)?

Yes, it will switch to automatic mode when you squawk 1200, no flight plan is filed and ATC services are not requested.

Q: The installation manual says that the control head fits in a standard 2 1/4 instrument hole, but the pictures show a non-circular face. Is the adapter for the 2-1/4 hole included in the Freeflight RANGR TXL System kit? If not, then how do I mount it in a standard instrument hole?

Yes, a 2-1/4" adapter plate is included.

Q: Does the Freeflight RANGR TXL ADS-B unit transmit ADS-B In traffic to a display, and if so, which displays? For instance, will it show traffic on my Garmin 696?

No, please see part number 11-13893 for ADS-B in and out. The 696 does not have Bluetooth, you will need a Bluetooth device.

Q: Can the 11-13892 ADS-B OUT unit be upgraded at a later time to 11-13893 ADS-B In and Out?

Yes, upgrades are available to add ADS-B in.

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