Garmin Flight Plan Migrator Card Only

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Part# 11-07593
MFR Model# 010-11309-00


The Flight Plan Data Card is used with the Flight Plan Migrator allowing operators to create and import multiple user waypoints and flight plans from their PC into a GNS 400W/500W series unit from compatible 3rd party Flight Planning software.
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This product works well, as long as you have an older version of Windows. It will not work on Windows 10. Ive had success with Windows 7 SP1, which is on a special netbook I previously only used to update my Dynon avionics firmware. Windows 7 will also fail it has to be SP1. I have not tested Windows 8. You will also need Garmins USB Aviation Data Card Programmer, which you should already have to update your nav and aviation data. Once these prerequisites are met, you can create up to 20 flight plans on your computer, export them to an .fpl file, then use the Migrator card to upload them easily to your GNS-430W. The flight plan software I use is Seattle Avionics FlyQ. I tested a Foreflight plan without success, but Im not calling it quits on Foreflight just yet.

Brooks W
July 14, 2021

Total failure here. I installed the Migrator software, and attempted to load flight plans in .fpl format. On the computer end, everything went well, including a success message from Garmins proprietary migrator software. Next, the instructions say to place the card into the terrrain slot on the GNS-430W, and follow the onscreen directions. This never worked. The GNS-430 booted up normally, gave me a terrain fail message, and also a User data card unknown message. Garmin tech support couldnt help me. I couldnt find a single person whod ever used this product successfully. Stay away, and program your flights manually.

Brooks W
July 13, 2021


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Q: I have several data cards from Garmin for my GNS 530/430 in my aircraft to program flight plans do I need to buy a separate data card with this program or can I use the ones I already have? regards Hannes Winkler

When you order the Garmin Flight Plan Migrator Kit you get a data card in the box (Garmin part number 010-11309-00).

Q: What is the Garmin Part Number for these kits that are listed?

Garmin part number for 11-07592 is 010-11308-00. Garmin part # for 11-07593 is 010-11309-00.

Q: Is this card compatible with the Garmin USB Aviation Data Card Programmer for downloading Nav Data from the FlyGarmin website?

No, this card is compatible with the Garmin Flight plan migrator P/N 11-14031.

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