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A detailed study of stall-spin in light airplanes. Written by John Lowery, highly experienced in both pilot training and aircraft flight testing, this book emphasizes NASA data on stalls and spins in general-aviation aircraft and including interviews with factory test pilots together with data from aircraft manufacturers. Added to these are the author's own extensive experience in both high-performance and general-aviation aircraft.

Coverage includes the stall and stall speed, multi engine characteristics, T-tail consideration, the effect of high lift devices, asymmetrical thrust, the effect of CG, how the stall leads to and affects the spin, inverted and flat spins, stall/spin recovery techniques and much more.

This book should be considered mandatory for any pilot who wants to, (or does not want to) explore this much misunderstood aspect of flight.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Stall
  • elements of lift
  • how lift is generated
  • drag
  • the stall
  • stall speed increases
  • stall characteristics
  • multi engine
  • high lift devices
  • recovery
Chapter 2: Anatomy of Spin
  • the spin
  • phases
  • design considerations
  • recovery
  • neutral inertia
  • fuselage loaded
  • wing loaded
  • exceptions to the rule
  • cg location
  • wing and tail design
  • configuration effects
Chapter 3: Tail & Wing Design
  • tail damping
  • T-tails
  • wing design
Chapter 4: Engine Failure in Light Twins
  • propeller thrust
  • asymetrical lift
  • effects of CG
  • flaps
Chapter 5: Spins in Twins
  • stalls and slow flight
  • obtaining published Vmc
  • fuselage mounted engines
  • Inverted Spins
  • Flat Spins
Chapter 6.: Loss of Control & Recovery Errors
  • loss of control
  • crossed controls
  • asymmetric power
  • torque effect
  • rough handling
  • recovery errors
  • unloaded angle of attack
  • power to idle
  • ailerons and adverse yaw
  • impatient for recovery
  • recognition of recovery
  • excessive forward stick
  • spin or spiral
Chapter 7: Spin & Spirals During Instrument Flight
  • coriolis illusion
  • graveyard spin
  • graveyard spiral


  • Publishers: Aircraft Technical Book Co. & FAA
  • ISBN-13: N/A
  • Copyright Date: 1998
  • Pages: 96
  • Binding: Paperback
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