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Part# 13-03458
MFR Model# ASA-PPT-12


For anyone interested in pursuing a Private Pilot or Recreational Pilot certificate, this book prepares the student with a thorough conceptual and practical understanding of the flynig fundamentals. Several chapters refer to aeronautical charts, and a full-color example of a sectional chart is provided for use with exercises throughout the text.

Taking and passing an FAA Knowledge Exam is required for earning the Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot certificates. Using the FAA exam as the premise for learning, Gardner applies practical information so readers are not only prepared for the tests, but also for the cockpit. He augments the required aeronautical knowledge by giving specific tips and techniques, checklists and mnemonic devices, and sound advice from personal experience. A full-color foldout example of a sectional chart is provided inside the back cover for use with the numerous interactive exercises throughout the book. Each chapter lists useful aviation website links, and concludes with sample questions taken directly from the FAA tests. A comprehensive glossary and index are included as well. This practical application of the FAA Knowledge Exam is not available in any other text!

Included throughout the book are internet links for weather charts, flight planning, etc., and a new color section shows examples of online weather sources and more. This new tenth edition also incorporates the FAA’s latest initiative, the "FITS" (FAA/Industry Training Standards), including scenario-based training, single-pilot resource management, and learner-centered grading. This is a convenient, comprehensive source for this information—everything complete in one book!

With Gardner's approachable yet concise writing style, readers are able to quickly grasp the subjects, pass the required tests and checkrides, and gain an operational understanding of flight they can take straight to the cockpit.

The Complete Private Pilot works as a companion textbook to ASA's Virtual Test Prep DVD course for Private Pilot. An integrated Flight/Ground Syllabus for both Part 141 and 61 programs is also available to accompany the textbook. Foreword by Richard Taylor. Softcover, glossary and index included, 360 pages, illustrated.

Also by Bob Gardner: The Complete Advanced Pilot; The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot; Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications (book, software, audio review).

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