3M™ Polyurethane Protection Tape Application Solution

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Part# 06-00604
MFR Model# 7100069168


A pre-mixed, water-based solution for applying 3Mô Polyurethane Protective Tape and Boots. Solution is provided pre-mixed in a ready to use squirt bottles. Allows wide width and contoured performed boots to be easily installed
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Easy to apply. Looks very good. At first it looked like it had no adhesive, but it does. Application solution is not essential, however it facilitates installing large or long pieces.

Henry J
October 30, 2019


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Q: Is the 3m polyurethane tape application solution absolutely necessary for the application of the polyurethane protective tape? I am needing to apply the tape to only an 8 inch tear. Thank You

This polyurethane tape is more of a leading edge protective tape. Please take a look at the sail cloth repair tape as this would be made to cover fabric tears. To answer the question you do not need the 3M solution to apply the polyurethane tape as it already has an adhesive backing. The 3M solution is made to help adhere the tape for a longer period of time.

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