Contego Fire Barrier Latex Primer (The Fire Stops Here) - Quart

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Part# 05-02615


Contego protects most building materials from the ravages of fire. Contego intumescent fire barrier products are all non-toxic, non-dermatic, and safe for pets. When exposed to fire, Contego fire retardant coatings expand to form a tough char barrier fire cannot penetrate. Deprived of fuel, the fire quickly dies. Contego not only helps prevent fires, it minimizes deadly smoke production, one of the leading causes of fatalities in residential and commercial fires. Intumescent fire barriers are nothing new, but Contego Passive Fire Barrier Latex represents a quantum leap forward in terms of quality, versatility, affordability and fire safety-all in one truly impressive fire proofing product.

The Fire Stops Here: Fire retardants have been around for half a century. However, they don't stop fires, they merely slow them down. Many are foul smelling and either too thick or lumpy to go through an airless sprayer. Worst of all, many conventional fire retardants contain toxins and carcinogenic agents. Others have no polymers so they eventually fall off. The revolutionary Contego line is completely safe for humans and pets - it is nontoxic, noncarcinogenic, and nondermatic with no trace of mutanogens, or irritants. It has been thoroughly tested to insure your safety. Open a can of the latex intumescent and see for yourself. It has a pleasant, familiar scent and a smooth, even texture. Contego's sophisticated polymers bond to virtually any substrate as well as whatever topcoat you choose.


  • Protects from heat and fire
  • Smooth, thin, decorative finish
  • All components are non-toxic latex
  • Economically priced
  • Fast curing times
  • Easy repair
  • Fast drying
  • May be sprayed, brushed, or rolled
  • Water clean up


  • Size: Quart
  • Color White
  • VOC(Less Water) 0 Grams/Litre
  • Weight/US Gallon 10.25 lbs
  • Hazardous Ingredient N/A
  • WHMIS Class Not Controlled
  • Flammability Not Flammable
  • Weight Solids 56.2 %
  • Volume Solids 43.7 %
  • Specific Gravity 1.29
  • pH Range 8.0-8.5


  • Contego Passive Fire Barrier is a heavy-bodied, single-part latex designed for use on construction materials such as Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), framing lumber, plywood, trusses, drywall, doors, and more. May also be used on aluminum and steel sheets, round and box steel columns
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Good service. Look forward to placing further orders. Thanks! Peter Aschenbrenner

Peter A
September 4, 2020

Goes on like latex paint and two coats generally protect an aluminum soda can from the continuous blast of a a propane torch. Protects wood or metal equally well. The best demonstration is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK2mDN7nKEE

Mike P
June 2, 2019

Contego has very good adhesion and brushes on easily, even on aluminum. The rubber like coating seems to be very durable as well.

Robert R
May 27, 2017


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Q: How many square feet does a quart cover?

Coverage: All coverage rates (except steel, below) are expressed on a ‘per coat’ basis. A single coat is applied at a rate of 130 sq feet (12 sqm) per gallon. This is equivalent to a wet coat of 12 mil (.30 mm) that will cure to a dry coat 7 mil thick (.18 mm). While under ideal conditions it is possible to apply a single coat of up to 20-22 mil (.50-.55 mm) wet, two thin coats are recommended to prevent the possibility of cracking while curing. Please see the Application and Handling document located in the "Documents" tab for additional information.

Q: Can this be used (on a mountain cabin) over existing paint or stain? What color is it?

They don't recommend using it over stain, but you could use it on a latex paint. For stain or oil based paint they recommend scuffing the old paint, priming with kilz and then painting on their product. It is a bright white color.

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