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This is quality and versatile wool headlining fabric. Wrinkles can be removed by applying water in a fine mist then using heat, such as a hair dryer, allowing the wool to shrink, allowing for a tight and smooth fit. Simply choose a color: Off-White, Tan and Grey.

54 inches wide; sold by the yard.

All headliner materials include a FAR 25.853 burn cert.


This is very nice wool. It is very difficult these days to find any wool material for headliners. For those vintage purist with old a/c that were manufactured using wool, this material is perfect. The problem here is that they only offer 3 colors, and right now two of the three are out of stock. I needed some tan for some trim to finish out a project. Other sources had minimum quantities, no burn certs and averaged well over 60 bucks a yard. So, if you can work with the colors, this stuff is great. Fairly heavy weight and seems to be treated as it is different color on each side. One side showing a coating of some type, maybe for moths or fire? The tan was not exactly tan in my book but close. It appears a little dark with an orange hue to it. I wish I could post a picture as you can not get samples either. You will need to buy a yard and see if it works. Shop around and you will find it is priced very well considering it is fire certified.

Goodfriend A
February 28, 2020

Great, high quality wool head liner that behaved nicely. 3 yards was more than enough to do our Cessna 150B, as can be seen on our Facebook page (Recover Your Cub).

Ken H
January 22, 2018


Q: Does this wool headliner material come with a burn cert?

All of our headliner material comes with a FAR 25.853 burn cert.

Q: what glue is the best to use for installing this headliner material to fiberglass?

I could not find a specific adhesive for wool material, but 3M 1300 contact cement is used in similar applications. We suggest consulting with a headliner installer for more suggestions on adhesives that can be used.

Q: Can I get sample of these three materials?

No, we do not offer samples but can sell as little as 1 yard.

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