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Powerful Lubrication - A 21st Century Formula

Andy’s Super Oil takes advantage of the latest advances in tribology (the science of lubrication) by combining a high-quality petroleum base with the finest additives, including PTFE (commonly known by the trademarked- name Teflon™). PTFE is one of the most lubricious materials known and is a key element in making Andy’s Super Oil the finest spray lubricant available today.

You don’t take Castor Oil each day. That was 1950′s thinking. So why would you use a spray from the same era? Andy’s Super Oil is engineered for today’s world – for today’s technology – to meet today’s specifications.

Add Andy’s Super Oil to your tool box and make almost everything in your life run more smoothly. It’s professional grade lubrication for the 21st century.

Lubricant or solvent?

Most of the sprays oils on the market are heavy on solvents and light on lubricants. If it’s being promoted as a great way to remove crayon marks from carpet, perhaps it isn’t the best product to use when you need lasting, high-quality lubrication.

Andy’s Super Oil uses just enough solvent to help the product penetrate and deliver its world-class lubrication right where it’s needed. Everything else in the formula is there to provide the best lubrication possible. The other guys are mainly solvents with a little light mineral oil added. They work by dissolving what little lubricant is there and re-using it before it drips out. Andy’s goes right where you spray it and it stays there.
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This stuff is awesome! I maintain/manage/ Annual multiple aircraft from 150s to Barons, and I must say this stuff is what I use for light machine oil. Highly recommend!

Westwood A
September 27, 2018

This Andy lube, very good stuff!!

June 18, 2018

I use this oil on my J3 and my SR22. It is far superior in every way to WD40 and other lubricants I have used in the past.

Alejandro G
July 7, 2015

This is an amazing lubricant. As the Director of Maintenance for a large flight school and air charter operation, we have made Andy's super Oil part of our everyday choice to perform preventative maintenance on our fleet of aircraft. You must try it..!

Richard S
June 9, 2015

I'm owner and operator of B L Aviation and I've used all kinds of lube in all types of conditions and temps. I have to honestly say this out dose any other lube for penetration into bearings and pivot points and lasting lubrication without collecting dirt . I maintain Turbin , piston, and radials on and off runway use. One in poticular , I maintain a Kodiak 100 that will spend 3-4 months in Alaska in remote areas. When it comes back and gets its clean up & insp. the lube is still visible without the dirt you would expect. Highly Recomended !

Brett L
June 6, 2015

After a year long test comparing Andy's to the most popular aircraft lubricants, we converted to Andy's as our primary lubricant product for all of our aircraft. It is an excellent product!

Bill B
June 5, 2015

This is a good all-around lubricant. Working in aviation I have used it on hinge points for flight controls, rod-ends and control cables. I also keep a can at the house and can quickly take care of any of the squeaks commonly found. Product also seems to be more viscous, than say WD-40, making it hang on to the trouble spot area better and last longer.

Nick J
June 1, 2015


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