Realclean Post Flight Detailer - Wash / Wax

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Post Flight is a high performance Interior and Exterior liquid cleaner and polish that is safe for all surfaces. It is designed for light duty ultra-fast post flight and quick turn cleaning. Just spray Post-Flight on any surface and wipe away, leaving a clean beautiful shine. Post-Flight contains micro-waxes that clean and shine paint, aluminum, Plexiglas, polished wood and plastic to a beautiful high gloss finish. Use to quickly remove bugs, soot, dirt, dust, and fingerprints between flights. Post Flight Aircraft Detailing Spray is the quickest way to keep your aircraft interior and exterior clean and looking great between flights. Post Flight leaves surfaces fingerprint resistant. Not recommended for use on flight instruments or displays.


  • Use to clean and shine Aircraft Paint, Windows, Metal, Plastic, Polished Wood and Trim.
  • Removes light dirt, dust, fingerprints, bug and bird deposits
  • Leaves surfaces looking just waxed, ultra-smooth and fingerprint resistant
  • All-In-One Product contains a blend of cleaners and micro-waxes that restore gloss and shine.
  • Cleans aircraft interior and exterior
  • Safe on Paint, Plastic, Aluminum and Plastic


  • Shake Well. Spray product onto surface and hand buff using a clean microfiber cloth.


  • Try Post Flight on interior windows and polished wood for fingerprint and smudge resistance.
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Great product ! I would highly recommend to any pilot !

October 18, 2018

I detail airplanes for a living, for over 20 years I have used many products and this one will be on my list from now on! It’s great all around inside and out, I even detailed my car and it looks great, goes a long way without using too much product, smells nice and leaves a beautiful finish. It’s not for grease, but bugs and dirt it is great... would highly recommend this product!!

July 22, 2018


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