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TKS 406B contains a mixture of glycol and alcohol and offers good ice protection capability (freezing point below -60C). Principally used for in-flight ice protection, TKS 406B can also be applied to remove frozen deposits of snow, ice and frost from stationery aircraft on the ground. TKS 406B is designed for use in cold concentrate form (as supplied) and is available in 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 30 gallon, and 55 gallon containers.

Note: Clariant Corporation changed the tradename from Kilfrost TKS 406B to Clariant Safewing TKS 406B. During the transition, packaging may reflect either name and logo. Product content has not changed.


  • Ice Protection capability
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Simple to use
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Q: Does this product need to be applied while heated?

Per supplier: This product is designed for use in cold concrete form (as supplied).

Q: I am looking at buying the 5 gallon container. Does the TKS fluid need to be diluted when I receive it or is it ready to poured into the tank on my airplane?

No, this will not need to be diluted. It is ready to be poured.

Q: Would this Clariant Safewing TKS 406B fluid be considered a type 1 De ice fluid?

Clariant TKS 406B is not approved as a Type I deicing fluid. Type I deicing fluids are specified by SAE AMS 1424 and are used for ground deicing. TKS 406B is used for in-flight deicing, and only on certain aircraft.

Q: What is difference between kilfrost and safewing TKS 406B fluid?

Clariant purchased the Kilfrost business and brands for North America in 2015. We have changed the name to reflect the Clariant brand as Safewing TKS 406B. The chemical formula and performance specifications have remained the same.

Q: Does Safewing TKS 406B meets specifications of AL-5?

Safewing TKS 406B meets DTD 406B, AL-5 and NATO S-745 specifications.

Q: I have an A36 with a TKS system. Will this work for my plane ?

We do recommend the original TKS Fluid, now called Safewing TKS 406B for systems that are specifically designed to spray in-flight deicing fluids.

Q: Can Safewing TKS 406B be used for Cirrus Aircraft TKS System?

Clariant purchased Kilfrost North |America in 2015. Clariant remained the Kilfrost TKS 406B to Clariant Safewing TKS 406B. It is identical to the previous product, and is recommended for all TKS approved systems. It is also the original and innovative version of TKS 406B, the K standing for Kilfrost.

Q: Does this Clariant Safewing TKS 406B product have an extirpation date?

Shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture.

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