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EarthX Thermal Battery Box For ETX 680 / 900 / 900-Vnt / 1200

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Part# 09-05653
MFR Model# BB-TH


The EarthX thermal battery box is designed to protect the battery in engine compartment installations from periods of high temperature (up to 1 hour), such as after shutdown, and from radiant heat from hot surfaces like exhaust systems during and after flight. This stainless-steel box has a mirror finish to minimize the effect of radiant heat, and it has a high-performance insulating foam layer between the box and battery to reduce effect of convection heat. The hold-down tab comes with a mounting fixture that can hold a cooling air duct up to 1” in diameter. This battery box was engineered to be strong enough to withstand 30 G of force yet only weighs 1 pound. It has the same mounting holes as the custom battery box or the multi-use battery box.


  • All batteries have optimal temperature ranges for use in operation. The ETX hundred series is rated for 140 deg F (60 deg C) or less for optimal longevity and performance of the battery. Typical lead acid batteries are rated to 113 deg F or 45 deg C.
  • This battery box is designed to be compatible with our existing “E” case battery models; ETX680/900/1200.



  • The “Radiant and Convection” graph shows the internal cell temperature with an extreme test example. The battery was placed in a test environment chamber with temperatures of 185 Deg F (85 deg C) and simulated 1000 Deg F (538 deg C) exhaust pipe 6 inches from the front of the battery. In this case there was a 3.5X improvement in the time to heat up the battery cells to the high operating limit. In less extreme temperatures, the improvement can be 4X.
  • The “Convection” graph shows the battery (not cell) temperature rise with a test environment of 185 Deg F (85 deg C). In this case there was a 5.3X improvement in the time to heat up the battery.
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