Gill TCt-1000 12V/24V Capacity Tester

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Part# 11-03302
MFR Model# 60260


The TCT -1000 Battery Capacity Analyzer has been designed to perform automatic capacity testing of 12 and 24 Volt lead-acid batteries. This unit is capable of accurately measuring the capacity of a fully charged battery with a rating between 10 and 59 amphours. It is self-contained and easy to operate. The load tester will display, in percentage, the conformance to the battery’s one hour rating.
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Q: Will this tester work on a gell cell battery

The unit is designed for regular or sealed lead acid batteries. No information how well it will work on a gell cell battery.

Q: Does the Gill TCT-1000 12v / 24v Capacity Tester work on both 110v or 220v?

Per the manufacturer: Neither. This product gets it power for the batteries it is testing. So either 12v or 24v.

Q: Will this tester work on Concorde batteries?

Yes, the Teledyne Battery tester will work on a Concorde battery.

Q: Does the GILL TCT-1000 12V/24V CAPACITY TESTER require annual re-calibration?

Yes, this does require yearly re-calibration.

Q: Can the annual re-calibration on the Gill TCT-1000 capacity tester be accomplished in the field?

Yes, it can. Please refer to the instructions on this in the Documents tab.

Q: Is the unit also called a High Rate Discharge Tester?

Yes, it is used to discharge batteries and registers the capacity of the batteries.

Q: Will this Gill TCT-1000 test a 3.0 amp battery?

Per Gill: We have only tested this with Gill batteries and we do not make a 3.0 amp battery. We have no data whether this will work on this type of battery.

Q: Does this unit come with an adapter for quick-disconnect receptacles, such as the MS3509?

This does come with a connector. You can review all that comes in this in the Owners Manual (PDF) under the documents tab. Refer to page 7 for the parts list and diagram of the parts.

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