MGL Electronic Circuit Breaker Module Ecb

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Part# 11-13635


The ECB module provides 8 electronic circuit breakers. All breakers have the same characteristics: DC current up to 10A (programmable via dipswitch profile selection) or via an external device.

Suitable for 12V or 24V DC aircraft power systems.

Highly reliable, fault tolerant design – continues to operate even in case of total internal electronics failure.

Can be used as a stand-alone device or it can be connected to an EFIS system. In case of connection to an EFIS system, EFIS can show individual DC currents through each breaker, breaker states and in case this is allowed via dipswitch selection, the EFIS may also control breakers.

EFIS can setup breaker trip currents in 0.1A steps up to10A as well as trip reaction times in steps of 0.01 seconds. Trip reaction times are further modulated by the amount of overcurrent (I.e. Times are shorter the higher the current above the trip limit).

Breakers may be paired or tripled to create breakers of 20A or 30A capability.

Very high quality semiconductor switches are used offering very low on-resistance and consequent low self heating. Further to this switches are protected against reverse polarity, ultimate over-current and over-temperature conditions.

Each breaker output is available on a screw terminal and features a built in LED indicator connected to the breaker output. Further to this a stainless steel M6 bolt is provided as input power terminal. This terminal also has a built in LED connected to it to show availability of power. Breakers are controlled via low current, low voltage latching switches and/or via an external device such as an EFIS.

Each breaker offers two status outputs intended for panel mount or switch mount LEDs. These are typically used for red and green LEDs or dual color red/green LEDs. The green LED shows the switch status (on/off) while the red LED shows the breaker fault status.

It is also possible to use just a single LED such as is used with many attractive panel mount switches. In this case the LED will be solid ON if the breaker is on and will flash if the breaker is switched on but tripped (faulted). The LED is off if the breaker is switched off.

Several profiles are available to support typical landing light “WigWag”. In this mode a landing light has two breakers (or four with breaker doubling), one for the left and one for the right wing. The breakers have three operational states: Both off, alternating on/off and both on.

The “WigWag” function is a particularly effective way of increasing visibility of small aircraft under way at large airports where a multitude of lights may obscure these craft.

A LED flasher profile is available which uses two breakers to create bursts of three short flashes on each breaker. The breakers are phased such that none of the two breakers are on at the same time. This mode allows direct driving of high brightness 12V LED lamps to replace strobes etc.
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Q: Will the MGL XTreme EFIS display info from this ECB?

Per MGL: The XTREME will not display information from the ECB. However, it will display information from a Vertical Power VPX.

Q: What are the dimensions of the ECB box?

Dimensions: 150 x 120x 48mm approx.

Q: What EFIS systems are supported?

This will function with MGL EFIS displays.

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