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Part# 11-08474
MFR Model# 01-0471519-00


LED Wingtip and Tail Lighting for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft
LEDs are lightweight, low current and incredibly bright, vibration and moisture resistant... the ideal lighting technology for experimental and LSA aircraft.

Download the drawing (PDF)

Note: Product does not meet the requirements of 91.205 (c), required for night flight.


  • Economically priced.
  • 14 VDC.
  • Low current, long life, lightweight.
  • Self-contained (no external power supply needed).
  • Aerodynamic with vibration and moisture resistance.
  • Synchronizable.
  • Replaceable lenses.
  • Super bright, rivaling strobe in impact.
  • Available with CometFlash®, the lighting concept
  • that revolutionized aviation lighting.
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Not so expensive, efficient, easy to install, perfect

Sport I
July 6, 2018


Q: Whats the difference between the II kit and the III kit?

Per the manufacturer, there is not much difference between the Microburst II and III. We have added a spec sheet to the "Documents" tab on this web page for reference.

Q: Hi, Does this kit comes with cabling connections etc? Regards WHELEN MICROBURST II KIT MB2R & MB2G LIGHTING Part # 11-08474

Per the manufacturer, these do not come with connectors or wiring. They have flying leads and would require connectors and cable.

Q: Does this Whelen Microburst II Kit come as a pair of lights or is this per side?

This kit is sold as a pair. Includes one for each side.

Q: The description says this product does not meet 91.205(c) for night operation. Is that for certified aircraft only? Or, can I use these for night operation on an experimental aircraft?

Per the supplier: If an experimental aircraft is going to fly at night they need to meet the same requirements as a certified aircraft. With this being said the Micro Burst would not be approved. They need to look at the Whelen ORION series for approved lighting.

Q: What connecting wiring size is recommended?

The pulse feature draws 1.2 amps. The correct wiring size will depend on the length of the wire. Please consult the wiring diagram in the AC43.13-1B.

Q: Does the Whelen Microburst II kit have an integral rear facing white light, or is a white tail light an extra cost option?

No, the Microburst II does not have an integral rear facing white nav light. For that feature, you would need the Microburst III series. That is available as our part number 11-08473.

Q: Will this Whelen Microburst II kit work from a 12 Volts DC power?

Yes, this will work with 12 Volts DC.

Q: Would these be approved for night flying on my Piper Cherokee in Canada?

These are not FAA Approved for use in certified aircraft. They are intended for experimental and homebuilt applications only. We cannot recommend them for use in a Piper production aircraft.

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