Powervamp Coolspool 29 28V Aircraft Portable Start Unit

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Produced in partnership with Powervamp, the Coolspool 29 is available in two nominal output voltages, 28V DC. This aircraft start unit is used extensively on larger twin turbine aircraft and helicopters where additional amp/hour capacity is required to maintain voltage under load.

Upper Fadec limits vary according to the manufacturer’s software and for this reason two versions of the Coolspool 29 are available.

When compared to a 24V DC start unit of the same capacity, the Coolspool 29 delivers a significantly higher performance, resulting in faster spool-ups and cooler starts impacting directly on turbine life.

This aircraft start unit is designed to be carried on board for emergency power or turbine starting and is fitted with an automatic 3-stage internal charger for maximum cell longevity.

The Coolspool 29 is fitted with solid state voltmeter with ‘push to view’ button to monitor battery voltage.

A spring-loaded output cover ensures the aircraft start unit is cleared for air transportation. Supplied with NATO lead set, charge lead and heavy-duty canvas protective jacket.
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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • High powered sealed lead acid batteries
  • Cleared for air transportation
  • Internal charger with LED status indicator
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium case with carry handle
  • Controls protected by twin front protection bars
  • Aircraft cable with heavy-duty NATO connector
  • Spring-loaded output connector cover
  • Auxiliary socket for plug-in accessories
  • Solid state voltmeter with ‘push to view’ feature
  • Fitted with rubber anti-slip, shock absorbent feet
  • Heavy-duty canvas protective jacket


  • L: 16" (405mm)
  • W: 5" (135mm)
  • H: 13" (345mm)
  • Weight (28V DC Version): 63 lbs. (29kg)
  • Peak amps**: 2400A
  • Nominal voltage:
  • Standing voltage: 27.8V DC or 30V DC depending on model
  • Amp/hour capacity: 26 Ah @ 10 hr rate (20°C)
  • Operating temp: -40°C to +45°C (-22°F to + 114°F)
  • Case: Aluminium with shock absorbing feet
  • Voltmeter: Solid state LED, IP65
  • Aircraft cable: 2m (6ft) with heavy-duty rubber NATO connector
  • Charger: 1.9A 3-stage internal charger / 90–264V AC / 47–63Hz / single phase 28V DC
  • NCAGE: KD628

  • NOTE: ** Peak amps is a theoretical calculation of the instantaneous current from a momentary dead short across the battery terminals. It is not representative of the power delivered at the aircraft plug which is significantly less, due to cable losses and other factors.



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Q: Ill be running this on a generator as my hangar is a long way from city power. How many input current does this device require? Or in other words how many watts does my generator need to provide?

This does not need to be plugged in when used, it could be charged off site and brought to the hangar. They do not recommend charging with a generator.