Part# 040-0003
MFR Model# 1924X


Aeroflash Strobe Lights are MADE IN THE USA and feature:
  • Aircraft quality flash tubes
  • Sealed lamp assemblies and power supplies to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Power efficient, low amperage draw
  • Easy field servicing; modular parts are quickly and easily replaced.
  • Factory-direct warranties and technical support

After many years in the aviation industry, Aeroflash has closed its doors permanently. They are no longer able to warranty any products.

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Pretty, perfect fit, crystal clear, replacement for 52 year old OEM cracked, cloudy, opaque lens. Usual AS&S prompt service.

Walt R
August 31, 2019

Exactly what I ordered. I was also glad that I ordered the lens gasket at the same time as the old gasket was cracked and split when I tried to put it on the new lens.

Mike M
August 8, 2018

This figure is confusing. I was only looking for the bulb in the anti collision light but this appeared something else. The Price of $46.50 did not offer up this was a simple bulb and the same as 11-09370 for $20.50

Snorri K
May 13, 2019


Q: What is included in the wing tip strobe assembly P/N 153-0006?

The strobe assembly includes:

  • 073-0270 flashtube
  • 101-0084 hold down bracket
  • 080-0018 gasket
  • 111-0016 clear dome

Q: Does the Part Number 151-0002 light assembly come with a light bulb in the kit or do I need to order one? Also what would be the part number bulb so that I might be able to have some in stock?

Yes, the bulb part number 040-0028 is included.

Q: Re: 152-0010: Does it include flash tube?

No, 152-0010 is the power supply only.

Q: What is contained in PN 150-0015?

Part number 150-0015 is just the main lighting box, you would still need to order the lights for the kit.

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