Xevision Xv-36-SL Standard Landing Light Conversion Kit

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Standard landing light conversion kit. XeVision conversion kit & components with XV1D or XV4D ballast and D1S bulb. Beam angle 9º horizontal & vertical. PAR 36 size.
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  • The XeStrike™ proprietary ballasts XV1D or XV4D are an integral part of all XeVision aircraft lighting systems with the following features:
    • 12 or 24 VDC voltage input.
    • Designed for pulsing or dimming of HID Xenon bulbs with the XePulse™ HID control module.
    • Designed for 35 watts or 50 watts output, 75 watts for special applications only.
    • Extremely low EMI/RFI in combination with third generation D1S bulbs with the integrated igniter and double shielded silicone cables.
    • Digital power control for pre-programmable start-up algorithm.


Preferred Application PAR 36 conversion, lamp diameter 4-5/16"
35 Watt PN 11-01760
50 Watt PN 11-05038

XeVision Info

  • XeVision™ super bright Xenon metal halide arc discharge landing & taxi lights for experimental aircraft. Light so bright and white you'd swear it's daylight; 500,00 candle power (3200 lumens) for our 35 Watt and more than 750,000 candle power (5400 lumens) for our 50 Watt systems – up to more than 8 times brighter than a standard 100-watt incandescent sealed beam. High HID efficiency means less than half the current draw and about ½ of the radiated heat of standard or Halogen lamps.

  • XeVision™ offers reliable HID pulsing capability based on the proprietary XeStrike™ series ballasts and the patented XePulse and new XePulse II™ pulsing module. All XeVision HID lighting systems are tested up to 100,000 feet altitude. XeVision systems are warranted up to 35,000 feet for continuous fail-safe operation.

  • XeVision offers retrofit kits for direct replacement or complete lighting system kits for new aircraft installation, different lamp shapes/sizes available. Many installation locations are possible now with a variety of lamp shapes and sizes, extremely small form factor, and lower lamp housing temperatures. They are especially suited for tight spaces in composite aircraft. XeVision reflectors are made of metal, not plastic. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting is the most significant breakthrough in aviation lighting since the development of modern sealed beam lamps.

  • XeVision offers the highest quality at a very competitive price with a 5-year warranty and up to 3,000-hour typical lamp life. XeVision HID aviation lighting systems are DO-160E certified (35,50, and 75-watt models)



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Q: How long the cable are and is it able to cut?

Our standard cables are many sizes from under 6 inches to 6 ft (also more length can be added by splicing 2 cables together, up to 12 ft maximum, if only using our cables) The cables can be cut and spliced back together using proper methods.

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