Radiant Turn Coordinator 10-32 VDC

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Part# 10-06082
MFR Model# RTCC-020


The RADIANT Turn Coordinator provides a visual indication of turn rate along with a visual indication of slip / skid, utilizing an ultra bright, daylight readable color LCD display.

In comparison to all other Turn Coordinators, this unit also provides a digital indication of degrees per second in the turn.

Any pilot who has ever wanted to add a turn coordinator to an experimental aircraft panel has been put off by the complexity, weight, reliability, and price of traditional electric or vacuum units. This product solves all these problems. It utilizes a solid state gyro and accelerometer; it weighs less than 2 ounces, it attaches to any aircraft ship power system, and it allows for easy in flight calibration at the push of a button.

The unit graphic design looks exactly like existing turn coordinators, so there is no learning curve for the pilot.

Also, unlike some products, the unit's gyro will stabilize even if brought to power under aircraft upset conditions.

This is the first avionic product from Belite which is also compatible with 28V aircraft electrical systems. The internal power regulator has been designed to withstand transients to 60 volts.

Belite’s RADIANT instrument line combines many functions into simple, small, lightweight units. The instruments utilize sunlight readable full color high contrast LCD screens which are also friendly with sunglasses.

This instrument shows inclinometer and turn rate.

All instruments are designed for a standard 2.25” cutout, and use approximately 100milliamps of power from a supply of 8 volts. All instruments are dimmable.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Gauge fit perfectly..ran the self check with the 9 volt battery and works as described

David L Verified Purchase


December 3, 2023

Nice product

Adlei D Verified Purchase


August 8, 2023

Nice product

Adlei D Verified Purchase


August 8, 2023

Have fitted and powered up in a BD5B. Looks great and seems to work well. But have not flown with it as yet.

Peter Verified Purchase


May 31, 2023

I need standard size turn coord. Returned it

James M Verified Purchase


September 29, 2021

Easy installation, looks great.

Richard E Verified Purchase


July 15, 2021

Works well, great product, but produces important (magnetic) noise on my radio when I turn it on, then impossible to hear the radio and I must turn the radiant off to hear again. The squelch does not reduce the noise. My radio is an icom, the antenna is not close to the radiant coordinator. Can anyone explain me ? Thank you. Serge

April 13, 2022


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Q: Is the Belite Radiant Turn Coordinator certified for installation in a Piper PA28?

No, these Belite instruments are not FAA Approved for use in certificated aircraft.

Q: Can this be used in a certified aircraft, as a backup?

This product does not hold any FAA Approval and is not intended for certified aircraft, even in a backup capacity.

Q: Does this run only on 8 volts? Is there a voltage range?

Per the manufacturer it will work with aircraft from 10 to 36 volts.

Q: Are there any plans to get FAA approval to install this in a certified aircraft?

No, this is not planned for FAA Approval.

Q: What is the depth of the gauge?

0.825 inch total depth behind the panel.

Q: Is the electric hook up the same or similar to a traditional DC electric turn and bank indicator? In other words, how much re-wiring or custom connector work is there to do if I want to replace my existing failing traditional DC turn and bank indicator? Thanks

Per the manufacturer The rear main external electrical connector has five wires: ground, none, power, and backlight input. A harness is supplied with the unit.

Q: Can the voltage display be turned off/ removed from the screen?

No the voltage display cannot be turned off.

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