Skysports Electric Directional Gyro

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Part# 10-05077
MFR Model# GD023


Note: This does not include the electrical connector. See Accessories tab to order connector.

The Skysports electric directional gyro is a high quality gyro providing smooth operation, long life, and reliability. It features a warning flag which is displayed when voltage drops below operation requirements, and the instrument is LED lighted with automatic dimming. A good choice for a wide variety of experimental aircraft.


Dimensions: 3-3/8"


  • Working Range: Indicating heading angle within the range of 360
  • Accuracy: The drift error is not more than 4/10 min.
  • It will work normally when operating voltage is inputted 3 min; and rotor stars
  • working when 80% operating voltage is inputted.
  • Operating current is not more than 0.72A.
  • Rated Rotating speed is 22000 turns per min: It warns when power-off the
  • rotating speed is below 70% of the rate rotating speed.
  • The insulating Resistance between the power and case is not less than 20M9.


  • Operating Voltage: DC. 14 1%V
  • Ambient Temperature: -40 ~ +50C
  • Relative Humidity: It can reach 95% at 20 5C;
  • Vibration Strength: not more than 1.5g


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Q: Does this unit feature a heading bug?

Yes, this gauge does have a heading bug.

Q: Can this Skysports DG be used in certified aircraft?

No, this gauge is not TSO'd certified to be used on a certified aircraft.

Q: What size circuit breaker is needed?

Per the manufacturer, it requires a 2 amp circuit breaker.

Q: Does Aircraft Spruce also sell the required electrical connector for the Skysports Electric Directional Gyro?

Yes, Part #11-04970 would be the connector for the Electric Directional Gyro.

Q: Does it matter if the instrument panel has a slight incline?

No, it does not affect the instrument if there is a slight incline per the manufacturer.

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