Tempest Tornado Vacuum Pump AA3215CC-9

Part# 10-00611
MFR Model# AA3215CC-9


New revolutionary LRT oil drain, patent pending feature is designed to drain oil, caused by a leaking Garlock Seal, before it reaches the drive coupler. Provides a tell tale leak path. Closed front ends, designed to eliminate oil and oil residues from entering into the pump. Helps prevent pump failures caused by oil entering into the drive mechanism or rotor and vanes. Wear indicator port, internal visual observation port to determine vane wear. Each pump is meticulously and professionally hand assembled to insure proper tolerances and clearances. This assures optimum performance.

After assembly, each pump is functionally tested. After this initial testing, the pump is then disassembled, inspected for any unusual wear or abnormalities, and reassembled for a second test run. This extensive testing procedure assures that only first-class products leave their facility. 3 year, 1300 hour warranty. OEM Manufactured.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Q: What is the difference between aa3215cc - 9 AND AA3215CC WITHOUT 9?

The -9 pump is designed to mount vertically on the accessory pad of a C-200 engine. Because of the mounting location, it is susceptible to oil contamination which can ruin the pump. The -9 pump is an attempt to deal with this issue by using a slinger ring on the drive shaft of the pump to throw off any oil that drips down from the engine onto the shaft.

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