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Ksk/499502H Roller Bearing

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Part# 06-00060


These high quality bearings are the superior bearing furnished with single-sided homebuilders tailwheels. Features a 5/8" ID. Not compatible with dual arm tailwheels.
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To get rid of the Nasty, floating low speed bearings in the Vans tail wheel I created an aluminum spindle from a 2.25 cylinder ~0.8 dia. with a 3/8 hole down the length. I lathed each end of the cylinder down to 0.620. The bearings (499502H) fit over each end and are clamped on the inner race by a 3/8 bolt and cotter key nut which also holds the tail wheel on the Aircraft. The outer bearing race is an interference fit into the tail wheel. Outer Race – 1.375 Inner Race - 0.623 Width – 0.433 Used for 15 years now, no problem but need a new tail wheel so replacing the bearings as well. Sealed bearings so grease fitting unused.

Gary G
August 9, 2018

You need these upgraded bearings to replace the poor quality ones that come with the home builders special tail wheel , (Aviation Products tail wheel) . Sky King

Rich B
August 18, 2017

Bearing seems fine but the ID was off. Need to turn my bushing down or get a different bearing.

Joel T
May 25, 2018

Same problem as Steve below. These bearings are listed as accessories for the Homebuilders tailwheel assembly but they do not fit the axle bolt. I thought maybe make a bushing from some EMT or 4130 I have on hand but none of what I have fits correctly. Making a bushing is the best bet but I am seriously considering converting it to a proper cone bearing.

December 7, 2018

Bearing described as replacement for API tailwheel bearing. Bearing was 5/8 in T/W is 1/2 in.

August 3, 2017


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Q: Regarding KSK/499502H ROLLER BEARING: What are the inner and outer diameters?

Approx dims: 5/8" ID and 1-1/2" OD.

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