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Replacement Tailwheel For Vans Tailwheel Assembly

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Part# 06-01284


This is a replacement tail wheel for the Van's tail wheel assembly. The hub is made from 6061-t6 aircraft aluminum with a tire molded from 65 durometer SBR rubber. The design includes precision sealed bearings.

5-1/2" Diameter X 1-1/2" Tire X 2.125" Hub Thickness.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Fits Nicely either the Vans or aftermarket fork. Tracks nicely seems to wear very good. Looks Showy and high tech. I noticed it is quieter than the Vans unit. Seems to be better in terms of grip on the runway during rollout than my original unit, which had some 600 hours on it. Super nice unit!

July 8, 2015

Howdy, folks. I got some 1200 hours on my replacement tailwheel, and I needed another because the bearing wore out, which is why I knocked off a star from my otherwise high regard for this thing. It rolls along very well while I taxi, and steers with little trouble. I noticed the bearing wore out well before the tire, which remains almost pristine. Have fun with your RV. I love mine.

Jack R
December 12, 2017


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Q: What is the diameter of the shaft that accepts the tailwheel axle.

Part number 06-01284 accepts a 3/8" diameter axle.

Q: Can this replacement tailwheel for Vans tailwheel assembly be inflated with a standard ball pump?

This tailwheel is a solid tailwheel, meaning that it does not use a tire and tube. It is solid rubber.

Q: What is the weight of this tailwheel for Van's RV?

This tailwheel weighs 1.57 lbs.

Q: Will the Vans solid rubber replacement wheel assembly fit a Scott 3200 yoke? I have the standard pneumatic wheel but it seems to unlock prematurely ( before it hits the stop) due to ithe soft and large surface contact area) ?

This is not designed for the Scott 3200 per the vendor.

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