Part# 06-01394
MFR Model# M08401
Michelin #SizeDescriptionPN
M0840126 x 6.6R14 14PLYMichelin Air X06-01394


Legendary Radial Performance From Michelin®. MICHELIN® Air X® radial tires are currently mounted on a wide range of commercial, military and corporate aircraft. It’s really no surprise, given the numerous advantages they offer over conventional bias-ply tires. In reality, they have elevated the basic performance expectations for aircraft tires, the same way MICHELIN® radials raised the standards for automobile tires.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Reference & Application Chart

Size Ply Rating Speed (MPH) Part Number Brand TL/TT Avg
H32x10.5R16.5 18 225 M20801 Michelin Air X TL 45  Falcon F8X 
26x6.6R14 12 190 M15702 Michelin Air X TL 24  Cessna Citation 680, 750, Sovereign + (MLG),  
17.5X5.75R9 12 190 M19401 Michelin Air X TL 14  Hondajet (MLG) 
16x6.0R6 12 225 M17203 Michelin Air X TL 11  Falcon F5X (NLG) 
H33x10.5R17 18 225 M20701 Michelin Air X TL 47  Falcon F5X (MLG) 
H32x10.5R16.5 16 225 M18902 Michelin Air X TL 44  Falcon F7X (MLG) 
14.5x5.5R6   225 M08301 Michelin Air X TL 8  Falcon 20, 50, 200, 2000  (NLG) 
14.5x5.5R6 10 225 M15201-01 Michelin Air X TL 8  Falcon 2000EX (NLG), Hondajet (NLG) 
16x4.4R8 10 210 M15601 Michelin Air X TL 10  Cessna Sovereign, Citation 680, 750 (NLG) - Gulfstream G150 (NLG) 
16x4.4R8 12 190 M16201 Michelin Air X TL 10  Pilatus PC21 (NLG) 
16x4.4R8 10 190 M19301 Michelin Air X TL 11  Cessna CJ4 (NLG), Hondajet (NLG) 
16x6.0R6 12 225 M17201 Michelin Air X TL 11  Falcon F7X (NLG) 
17.5x5.75R8   225 M13301 Michelin Air X TL 11  Falcon 900  (NLG) - Cessna M880 Longitude (NLG) 
20x4.4R12 14 190 M16301 Michelin Air X TL 14  Pilatus PC21 (MLG) 
23.5x8.0R12 14 190 M13702 Michelin Air X TL 24  Cessna Citation Excel, XLS (MLG) 
26x6.6R14 14 225 M15101-01 Michelin Air X TL 22  Falcon 20, 50,50EX, 200, 2000, 2000EX,2000 DX ,LX, EX Gulfstream G200 (MLG) 
26x6.6R14 12 210 M14401 Michelin Air X TL 24  Cessna Sovereign (MLG) 
26x6.6R14 14 225 M08401 Michelin Air X TL 22  Hawker 4000 (MLG) Falcon 20, 50,50 EX 200, 2000, Learjet 85 (MLG) 
29x7.7R15   225 M06201 Michelin Air X TL 31  Falcon 900  (MLG) 
H32x10.5R16.5 16 225 M18901 Michelin Air X TL 44  Falcon F7X (MLG) 
26X6.6R14 14 225 M15103 Michelin Air X TL -- Cessna 700 Longitude
16X4.4R8 10 225 M21401 Michelin Air X TL -- Cessna 700 Longitude
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