Part# 06-03181
MFR Model# GL-6525N
Part No.


Aero Classic Tubes Tested to MIL-I-5014F

*Can be used with Tundra Tires.
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Order was filled and shipped to the UK very promptly good service, thanks.

April 20, 2021

These tires and tubes serve us well as a flight school. They last through many landings...

Learjetjohn A
December 10, 2020

Great product!, Great Service!. Exceedingly expensive!!! This is unfortunate and not your fault as Goodyear or whoever makes these tubes is gouging the customer. Wish there was an alternative.

Dale A
September 14, 2020

Nice tubes, One of the tube valve cores was damaged and they have to be screwed in carefully or they leak. I would suggest ordering extra valve cores when you purchase these tubes.

Harvey S
September 2, 2020

Fast delivery. Tube fits perfect and works as expected.

Allen L
April 18, 2020

This tube looks like a quality product and it is. I have had many 280/250 tubes that were too big for the tire and then you risk pinching them on assembly. This one was the perfect size when I put a little air in it before putting the wheel halves together. There was no chance of pinching the tube on initial assembly. It went together perfectly.

March 19, 2020

Item as described, fast shipment.

January 10, 2020

Fair price and on time.

Reuven U
January 3, 2020

Great little tube doing its job holding air now for about a week.

December 12, 2019

I have not ever found any other tubes that dont lose pressure every week or two. It seems that I can go months at a time with these tubes without losing my selected pressure. When I finally do add air, the pressure is still within 10% of original.

Lou P
December 5, 2019


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Q: Does the 850 x 6 (part # 06-00765) tube have a straight stem and is the stem offset from the center of the tube?

Yes, the TR20S stem that this tube uses is straight and offset.

Q: Does the Aero Classic 11x4.00x5 tube have a 90 degree valve stem?

Yes, part # 06-00716 has a 90 degree valve stem.

Q: Could you confirm that 06-00358 has a 90 degree TR-87 valve stem?

Yes, this tube has a 90 degree TR-87 stem.

Q: Can a 600-6 tube P/N 06-01229 90 degree valve stem TR67A fit in a Good Year Flight Custom III 6 ply tire?

Yes, these two parts are compatible.

Q: What does it mean 90 or 0?

90 or 0 refers to the valve stem angle. 90 degree is a bent stem, and 0 degree is a straight stem.

Q: What's the difference between a 06-00770 and a 06-01219 other than the price?

P/N# 06-01219 is made of natural rubber and P/N# 06-00770 is made of butyl rubber.

Q: is a TR-20 the same as a 097-500-0 or 06-01373?

TR-20 refers to the valve stem type. TR-20 is a straight valve stem on the tube. Part # 06-01373 has a straight valve.

Q: Do you have a 850 x 6 natural rubber tube?

Yes, part number 06-00765.

Q: Have the tubes had talc applied, or do they come supplied with a small supply of talc?

No. They do not come with talc.

Q: I have a rim for Cleveland 6.00 X 6. The hole for the stem is near where the two rim halves meet. Would I need the straight or 90 degree stem?

6.00x6 typically would use a tube with a straight stem.