UNITED 3-1/8 VSI 0-2000 FPM

Part# 10-05200
MFR Model# 7000C-31
Model NumberDescriptionPart Number
7000C.3102000 FPM10-05200


Providing an accurate indication of rate of change in altitude, this versatile vertical speed indicator (VSI) offers several configurations and has been selected as standard equipment by aircraft manufacturers worldwide. IVSI units provide Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indication.

The vertical speed indicator is a precision instrument which provides an accurate indication of rate of change of altitude. This instrument is temperature compensated and is provided with a zero adjustment screw on the face of the case in the seven oclock position. Power: Static system. Manufactured by United Instruments. Used in most production aircraft. Size: 3-1/8" x 3-1/8" x 4", Wt. 0.7 lb. TSO-C8b.
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Prompt delivery and works perfectly so far.

August 12, 2018


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Q: Are the Untied VSI gauges TSOed?

Yes the United VSI are TSO'd (certified).

Q: Which aircraftspruce part number is equivalent with the United Instruments P/N 7040, code C, type III, 0-4000ft/min?

Part number 10-20500 is United Part # 7040-C28. 10-00927 is United part # 7040-C.109.

Q: Is the lighting internal on these gauges?

Yes, the lighted versions are internally lit.

Q: Will these United VSIs come with an FAA 8130 certificate?

No, 8130 forms are not included in the box. Please request them at the time of order.

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