Part# 40G1-5
MFR Model# 40G1-5


4002 Series
Grommets and Snap Rings
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Knowledge of the sales staff was very helpful .

Dale R
July 7, 2020

Rocket A
November 24, 2017

Did the job, but there should be some sort of direction on how to get the flush ring over the prongs of the Camloc. If you have never attempted it, or have seen it done, a simple diagram or written instruction would be very helpful.

Richard E
August 9, 2018


Q: What are the differences between the flush grommet & the plus flush grommet & the wide area grommet?

A flush grommet requires the material be slightly dimpled, or countersunk, so the top of the grommet sits flush with the material. Plus flush does not require a dimple, or countersink, and sits on the material and is slightly rounded. The O.D. of the wide area grommet is .876", and the others are .625" O.D..

Q: When the grid says max panel thickness, is that including the washer and ring? Or just the panel itself? (ie. fiberglass cowling)

It is just the panel thickness itself.

Q: Does the 4002 grommet come with snap ring?

The snap ring does not come with the grommet.

Q: Does the 4002-GS and 4002-NS grommets come with the snap ring?

No, the snap ring will need to be ordered separately.

Q: Is the price per snap ring, or per pack?

These are priced and sold individually.

Q: Can you confirm max panel thickness for 4002-N3 grommet is .072 and not .128 as shown?

Max panel thickness is .072.

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