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Part# 601-6
MFR Model# 601/AE701-6
DescriptionTubing SizeHose IDMin PSIWgt/FtPN
Aeroquip 601/AE701 Hose.571.3291500.155601-6


An inner tube of seamless, specially formulated synthetic rubber reinforced with a stainless steel partial inner braid and full-coverage stainless steel outer braid. Operating temperature -65 to 300F. Aeroquip 601 hose is widely used for aircraft fuel and oil lines where flexibility and light weight are prime considerations. Because of its lighter weight and lower operating pressure than type 303 hose, it is not recommended for hydraulic lines. Use with Aeroquip 816 hose fittings. Aeroquip 601/AE701 is a direct replacement for old 601 hose. AE701 hose has no shelf life and is the upgraded version of 601 hose.

Construction: Synthetic rubber inner tube with two layers of stainless steel wire braid reinforcement. Basic Specification: MIL-H-83797, TSO C53a, Type A.

Application: Fuel, engine oil, and coolants.

Sold by the foot.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Non-age sensitive
  • Fluid temperatures: -65F (-54C) to +300F (+149C)
  • TSO C53a, Type A and Type C approvals (with fire sleeve)
  • Mil-Spec Approvals: MIL-H-83796/1 through MIL-H-83796/9 Assemblies & MIL-H-83797 Hose, MIL-F-83798 Fittings
  • Field attachable fittings



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June 27, 2023


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Q: Can you use this hose over barbed fittings with high quality standard hose clamps (worm gear)? I have all barbed fittings on my Rotax 912 ULS installation and wanted to use better than standard oil cooler line.

You should avoid using barbed fittings, especially on fuel lines. Barbed fittings tend to contaminate the hose, this can be a bad situation on your Rotax motor since there is not a filter between the pump and carburetors. As usual you should check your float bowls for contamination for the first 10-15 hours after replacing any fuel hoses. As far as if you can use worm drive clamps on Aeroquip 601 hose, no you cannot. Aeroquip 601 hose is designed to be used with 816 fittings. The best option for your Rotax motor is to use Super-Flex hose, clamped with Band-It clamps and covered with firesleeve.

Q: What size (Aeroquip 601 hose) equal size STRATOFLEX 156-3 HOSE?

The Aeroquip 601-3 is the closest size to the Stratoflex 156-3.

Q: Can this hose and the 816 fittings be used in certified aircraft?

Yes, this hose and fitting combination can be used in certified aircraft.

Q: What fittings are recommended for Aeroquip 601-3 hose? The 816 fittings seem to start at -4.

This would be use the 816-3 fitting.

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