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Part# 13-12349
MFR Model# 4935E


From our original, classic bootie pitot cover to the next-generation high-visibility bootie, these pitot covers fit most round probes – pitot tubes and others – on a wide range of commercial and general aviation aircraft.

Our original bootie pitot cover is designed with durable, cushioned vinyl with genuine Velcro™ engagement strap and high-visibility red flag with white lettering.

The next-generation high visibility bootie features cushioned, daytime-contrasting color vinyl, and a high-visibility, fabric-reinforced vinyl RBF flag with an omni-directional reflective tip for nighttime recognition. Engagement strap uses genuine Velcro™ enclosure for strength and long-lasting durability.

DeGroff's Bootie Pitot Covers fit pitot tubes and other round probes on wide range of multi-probe commercial, VL jet, defense and light general aviation aircraft


  • Long Life Clip - Hook and loop closure
  • Bright Yellow Sock - More visible against aircraft finishes
  • Softer Vinyl Banner - Less abrasive to paint and aluminum
  • Bright White Letters - High visibility lettering, Fuel resistant (won't chip off), Non-abrasive

Applications Listing

  • Specially designed for yse with pylon mounted Pitot Probes, fits Nose, Fuselage, or under wing locations
  • VL jets, and regional service airline aircraft (Boeing, Beechcraft, Bombadier, Cessna Jets, Cirrus, CRJ, Piper, Grob, Grumman, Gulfstream, Lear, Embraer, Hawker, Honda, Saberliner, Swearinger, and others)
  • Warbirds with "arrow head" type Pitot Tubes (North American, most AT-6, SNJ, Vultee BT-13, Grumman F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat, B-25 Mitchell, P-47 Thunderbolt, and many others)
  • TAT Probes
  • Dynon Angel of Attack - Pitot Proves, Pylon mount
  • Rosemount Pitot Probes


Fell off after one week and blew away even though I had it as tight as it could go. The velcro is not in the right place to help hold on properly.

Jan K
October 10, 2019

Basically a cheap piece of plastic compared to the items Ive seen and expected. The flag is plastic not the woven nylon you often see and the fitting could fit a 737 not a 172. But, it was inexpensive and probably pretty durable and will work despite not fitting too snugly. So, its alright and a bargain at the ten dollar price tag, and shipping was 3 bucks more. Not sure how fancy one needs to get for a pitot cover anyway, so its kind of a mixed rating I guess.

John P
October 10, 2019

Fell off in almost no wind immediately after putting it on for the first time. The velcro strap is not done right. I will have to put an elastic band or something else to hold it on the pitot tube. Disappointing.

Jan K
September 22, 2019

White Remove Before Flight lettering on the back side of the red vinyl flag is poorly applied, and scratches/flakes off on contact - right out of the package. Design flaw or poor production run? Otherwise, this seems to be as advertised.

September 20, 2018

Fits our LSA like it was made for it. The design allows for enough flexibility to fit most pitot probes. Probably wont fit a 707.

March 9, 2017


Q: What are the dimensions of the boot? Thanks.

Its 7-3/4" long, and 3-3/4 high tapering down to 2".

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